Bulova Taps Their Archives for the Moon Watch 2.0 and the Chronograph C “Stars and Stripes”

Last year, the Apollo 15 “Moon Watch” was the first revival from the Archive Series, which is focused on bringing back iconic designs from the past for modern audiences. For 2017, Bulova is following up on that successful release with a blacked-out version of the Moon Watch paired with a black leather NATO-style strap. Differences between version 2.0 and last year’s variant include the introduction of a new sans-serif Bulova logo and the exclusion of a date–two small, but impactful changes. The case dimensions are otherwise identical to that of the first iteration. There is no accompanying bracelet option.

The new blacked-out case gives the Moon Watch a decidedly aggressive look.

Bulova has also done something that surprised even us–they reintroduced a modern interpretation of the Chronograph C, otherwise known as the “Stars and Stripes.” Like many historical watches, “Stars and Stripes” is a nickname coined by collectors due to the colors resembling the American Flag. Introduced in 1970, the original Chronograph C sported the popular Valjoux 7736. As with current Bulova offerings, the new version comes with the high precision Bulova quartz movement.BULOVA_CHRONOGRAPH_C_5

The watch will come with a Special-Edition box presentation which includes two straps—a stainless steel mesh and navy leather. The stainless steel mesh is a nice touch as the original Chronograph C was supplied with one, too. The original “Stars and Stripes” was a rather big watch at 43mm in 1970. This modern version is not much of a stretch at the current modern sizing of about 46mm, which wears smaller due to the lugless design. Furthermore, the modern version is faithful to the original with a minor change between the three and six o’clock sub-dials to support the quartz movement.BULOVA_CHRONOGRAPH_C_2Pricing on the Chronograph C reissue is to be determined. The new Moon Watch is $595 with a slated release date of around August. Bulova



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