Capturing History Through Relentless Progress – In Discussion with Zodiac Watches at the Windup Watch Fair Chicago

Zodiac watches have had a remarkable resurgence in recent years thanks to high-impact designs that don’t shy away from bright colors and bold features. Their Super Sea Wolf collection embodies the brand’s ethos of high quality craftsmanship with a distinctly rebellious twist. At the heart of these modern greats rests a deep foundation of heritage and iconic historic designs. Zodiac builds on this history in an unmistakable manner, while at the same time pushing firmly ahead to forge new paths for the brand. It’s a perfect balance that results in modern day classics.

In celebration of this history, and of their newest releases, we took the opportunity to sit down with our friend Mike Pearson of Zodiac to discuss the past, present, and future. We look at their latest releases, first shown publicly at the Windup Watch Fair Chicago, and discover one of the greatest summer watches of the season in the process. Enjoy our discussion below and see more from Zodiac at their website right here.

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