Christopher Ward C10 Aviator MK I Giveaway! CONTEST NOW CLOSED

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UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone that entered and again to Christopher Ward for supplying the C10 Aviator. We’ll be back soon with an update on the winner.

Hey, check it out, we’re giving away another awesome watch!  That’s right, the very Christopher Ward C10 Aviator MK I that we reviewed on Wednesday is now up for grabs. That’s $515 of Swiss made goodness that can be all yours for free. 

A big thanks to Christopher Ward for providing the watch.  Check out their entire line of watches here.

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To be in the running for the C10, all you have to do is;

Comment on this post on (not the original review or on any social media or other website where this post may appear) before the giveaway is over on December 21, 2012 at 11:59pm (EST). You must enter a valid email address in the comment form. No need to mention anything specific in your comment, but make sure you write something (preferably something nice!). After December 21, a winner will be chosen at random and contacted by us.

In addition, the following rules apply. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

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515 responses to “Christopher Ward C10 Aviator MK I Giveaway! CONTEST NOW CLOSED”

  1. ricsi says:

    It would be a perfect gift for my GF’s Father! πŸ™‚

  2. KMG says:

    Excellent watch. And site! One of my few daily reads.

  3. Ian says:

    Great site and beautiful watch!

  4. I’d love to win this watch! Lets hope the earth endures after Dec 21 so the winner can enjoy it. Haha.

  5. Arth says:

    Loved the review, loved the watch, love the site! Thanks.

  6. Really like your site, I think your reviews some of the best i’ve found. I also like the fact that you review affordable watches that I have a chance to own.
    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚ I would love to own this beatyfull C10.

  7. Mas says:

    I like this watch overall,
    More than anyone I’d like this watch.

  8. Thank you Worn & Wound!

  9. Tom W says:

    Nice watch, hope you don’t accidentally give it to a comment spammer!

  10. I’ve been wanting a Brit for a bit.

  11. Wouldn’t mind a nice watch! Great initiative, and thx to CW for providing the watch

  12. Dan says:

    Missed out on that big Powerball, hoping this one works out!

  13. Yoshi27 says:

    Another giveaway! Thanks!

  14. Brad N says:

    Many thanks for this great giveaway

  15. Tommy K. says:

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  16. Jay says:

    That is a very nice looking watch!

  17. Joel says:

    A simple yet classy watch!

  18. RO says:

    Another nice watch. Love these giveaways!

  19. hi, best watch review website and very nice photos, keep up the good work

  20. Gerald G says:

    I love the symmetry of the C10’s dial and hands. And I like that it’s a modest sized Aviator at 42mm.

  21. Fabio says:

    Nice watch, really love the direction CW is taking. Hope to be the lucky winner!

  22. Patrick says:

    Great site, love the reviews!

  23. Jeffrey says:

    Great looking watch.

  24. Jeff says:

    Lovely watch.

  25. Zac says:

    Thanks again W&W.

  26. Rodney says:

    Simple and sophisticated

  27. daniel says:

    Funny you chose the end of the world to give away the watch. A lovely piece though to be sure.

  28. Jacques says:

    Been lurking here on this site for about a month now, digging all of the great reviews, in my quest to find a great “Pilot”/Beobachtungs Uhr to dip my toe into the water of Pilot/Mil Spec watch and strap acquisition. This is actually my first comment, but most certainly not my last, comment. Great site! Keep up the great work.

  29. Jose M. says:

    yes! another awesome gift from Wn’W, love the watch wish me luck! thanks!

  30. Joe says:

    Love it.

  31. Brett W says:

    Great watch. Very classic look.

  32. Dave says:

    Nice review of a very nice understated brand. Keep up the good work and a Happy Christmas to all when it comes.

  33. I love CW, wearing my C40 Speedhawk right now. You guys do some the best reviews on the web!

  34. Simon says:

    Me! Me! Me! Love it

  35. Brian says:

    Another great review, I’ve been eying up a couple Christopher Wards for awhile, this would be a great win!

  36. Ari says:

    Maybe 3rd time’s the charm.

  37. tolkiennut says:

    Good looking watch – I think this could add to a great look if you can pull it off with the right belt and shoes – would be great if CW partnered with a belt/shoe maker to pair

  38. John says:

    Cool giveaway. I will proudly wear that C10. Thanks!

  39. Brian says:

    Hope to add it to my collection.

  40. JB says:

    I just became interested in watches, and your site has been an invaluable resource to start learning before I take the plunge with my first purchase of a watch with some style. Of course, I’d love to have this terrific watch, but could never afford it. Thanks for the consideration and the helpful information.

  41. Ray says:

    Great looking watch, nice size for me too.

  42. Leon says:

    My Christopher Ward C8 Pilot Mk II Vintage could use some company!

  43. Lukus says:

    Please be me, please be me, please be me…

  44. Would love it under my christmas tree :)))

  45. I really like this brand. I wish them much success in the future! I also wouldn’t mind winning this beautiful piece!

  46. Another incredible giveaway, Christopher Ward is one of the greats for the real average watch lover! Fingers crossed, my brother would love such a watch and I would love to give him a great Christmas!

  47. Torben says:

    Love the watch and your site. So Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  48. BJ says:

    This watch would be an awesome gift to ME!

  49. Dan says:

    Very nice looking watch, and a great site!

  50. Mattias says:

    Yeess, yeesss, yeeesss, Please dear Santa Wornandwound, that would be all I want for Christmas this year…

  51. Kyle says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  52. Ed Jelley says:

    Such a clean looking watch. I love the simplicity, but it stands out from the rest of the aviators out there with a few modern design updates. I would definitely love to add this to my collection!

  53. Brad T. says:

    Great company. Great watches. The winner will be pleased.

  54. Joel says:

    You guys always do it right!

  55. Wes says:

    Absolutely love the reviews you guys post. I hardly get anything done at work since I’m already reading and RE-READING the awesome watch reviews. It’ll make my year if I get this beautiful pilot watch :).

  56. d_a says:

    The C10 would give my Steinhart OVM a serious fight in the battle for most time as the #WOMW! Somehow, I think a pilot has a distinct advantage over a diver!

  57. Bob S. says:

    What a great giveaway! Love this watch, along with many of their other models.

    Hope I win!

  58. greg says:

    would *love* to add this to my CW collection. wearing my C60 FLE right now!

  59. Casey O. says:

    A beautiful watch from a great company!

  60. I’ve always wanted a pilot watch. This one looks great.

  61. Patrick says:

    Great looking watch.

    • Peter says:

      I just ordered my first Christopher Ward watch (C5) and am still waiting for it to arrive. The Aviator looks great too.

  62. Bruno says:

    Great giveaway and great watch. Always have been a fan of pilot/aviator watches and this one hits the spot in terms of bang for the buck

  63. Ian Joyce says:

    Nice watch, and a great brand.

  64. Another magnificent piece from Chris and the team at CW. They’re my favourite watch manufacturer!

  65. Josh Flagg says:

    Yum yum I love this! Perfect aviator size!

  66. MattyIce says:

    I need this watch.

  67. Jesper says:

    Lovely watch!

  68. Kathryn says:

    I would love to win this watch for my boyfriend for Christmas. It’ll be a nice addition to his collection of watches. πŸ™‚ thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway!!!

  69. Dan G. says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for Christopher Ward and for sponsoring this contest.

  70. Amer says:

    Nice watch. Cool contest. Good luck all!

  71. Dennis J says:

    Lovely picture and watch. Would love to own a Christopher Ward watch.

  72. Adam G. says:

    Great review, great looking watch. Thanks for putting on another giveaway!

  73. This would beautifully compliment the CW Trident I got back in May. Beautiful watch from a great company. CW is truly a company that provides an amazing cost to value ratio.

  74. de2rek says:

    Once again, a great review for a great timepiece. I’d love to wear it!

  75. gidsu says:

    need this.. because buying chinese watch was a bad idea

  76. James W says:

    Loved the review, would love to have the watch

  77. Jul says:

    My dad would love this!

  78. Jim L. says:

    Always liked the design of Christopher Ward watches, simple and elegant. Thanks for the reviews and the giveaway!

  79. Mike V says:

    I want one πŸ˜€

  80. Michael D. says:

    Great watch, great manufactureer, loved the review!

  81. Ed says:

    Smart looking piece, and a nice interpretation of a classic pilot’s watch, as well!

  82. Kurtuba says:

    Swiss heart, british soul, B-uhr style. Anyway, a great choice for pilot-style lovers. C. Ward has done a great work with its C10. Thanks for the review, W&W!

  83. Kiel West says:

    That watch will make me better.

  84. Beautiful watch…love Christopher Ward watches…I never win anything, but thought I’d give it a shot anyway!!! It would look good on my wrist…thank you for the opportunity..all the best for a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!

  85. Matthew says:

    Reminds me a bit of a Seiko 5, but on sex hormones. I like it.

  86. korben says:

    Nothing specific.

  87. Ross says:

    I’ll take great care if that lovely watch. I *need* a pilots watch!

  88. Vincent says:

    Thanks CWard! ‘Tis a lovely watch.

  89. RDR says:

    I’ll take one please!

  90. I’ve been wanting to add a Chris Ward to my collection for awhile now. In fact I was considering the C8. I hadn’t seen the C10 until you reviewed it, but it too looks like a great watch.

  91. gmangia93 says:

    Great Review! While not ground breaking in terms of style or mechanistic, CW always makes nice affordable watches with great detail.

  92. DW says:

    Want it.

  93. Chris says:

    Gorgeous watch, thanks again for a great review!

  94. Mike P says:

    Count me in! Looks like a great watch and an awesome contest. Thanks!

  95. Charlie H says:

    Wish me luck!

  96. Seth V says:

    Worn & Wound is absolutely the best watch site I’ve found. Your layout, unpretentious love of watches, and numerous/great pictures really set you guys apart. Thanks! Here’s hoping I win the giveaway!

  97. Mark M says:

    Great site and good looking watch!

  98. Another giveaway! Woohoo πŸ™‚

    I don’t have any CW in my collection. Would be nice to add this one to it!

  99. Greg P says:

    I would love to have this watch as my first automatic!

  100. Pedro Lima says:

    I love pilot style watches. This Christopher Ward C10 would go amazingly with my imaginary Jaguar XK 120 roadster.

  101. Giuseppe says:

    Nice watch. would love a pilot!

  102. eisenhower says:

    This is a perfect everyday wear watch. I want it please!

  103. Larry H. says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!! That’s a really nice CW!! Would love to add a CW to my collection.

  104. George says:

    Me Me Me Pick Me!

  105. Rolling for a chance.

  106. Stuart says:

    Nice watch, not sure if I’d pick this over the more “classic” style aviator if I was laying down my own cash, but I would love to win it. Thanks, btw, for the excellent article on affordable NavB’s.

  107. Nat says:

    I look forward to wearing it!

  108. George H says:

    An absolutely stunning watch, I have always dreamed to have a watch like this in my collection. However small my chances are of winning, I wish all the best to the lucky winner.

  109. Hank says:

    Nice looking watch!

  110. Matt says:

    Great watch and a great giveaway.

    Thanks W&W!

  111. Matt S says:

    Love your blog. Need a new watch!

  112. H. W. says:

    Can’t quite afford these watches you review while on a student budget, but I still enjoy reading this blog immensely!

    Merry Christmas to you all at Worn and Wounds.

  113. John C. says:

    Love the watch, Big Christopher Ward fan!

  114. eric says:

    I am a student studying for finals…

  115. Brian says:

    I always wanted a CW. Pick me!

    • Prashant says:

      Came to your website for the first time to read the review of this watch, would love to get it for free!

      • James says:

        Absolutely stunning watch. Judging from the comments, I’m not the only one who’d be proud to wear it!

  116. Glenn T. says:

    Nice clean classic look…. Very nice!

  117. Drew N0XU says:

    Nice watch. I love the dial; nice, clean elements and balance. What is the movement?

  118. Beautiful watch! Help add to my timepiece collection!

  119. Great looking watch. Enjoyed your detailed review of it too. Keeping my fingers crossed πŸ™‚ Thanks for another amazing giveaway!

  120. Love your reviews. I am obsessed with watches because of your site! Pick me!

  121. Reallyyy Coollllllll watch, i want to give my lovely boyfriend. i’m sure that he’ll like this watch πŸ˜‰

  122. Awesome watch!!!

  123. Christian says:

    Hey! Never thought of actually signing up for a prize. Too busy reading your reviews. Very nice site I might add.

  124. Matt says:

    I can has?

  125. Can’t wait until I get this!

  126. DukeTogo says:

    Thanks for introducing some great brands,
    … sick of the “mall brands”…

    Great site

  127. Mark Rose says:

    Would be great to get my hands on my first Christopher Ward watch. Big aviation watch fan; discovered Steinhart through this site! Please pick me! I love this website.

  128. Zac says:

    Military faces – rugged minimal sensibility

  129. Paul D says:

    That is a great looking watch – I got the Maratac Pilot watch after your review.

  130. Trey says:

    Gorgeous watch, best of luck to all!

  131. Love this watch, dope blog. Pick ME!!!!!

  132. bigjoet says:

    pick me!! pick me!!

  133. Data08 says:

    I like the simple design, a nice everyday watch.

  134. Alex says:

    The fit and finish on this one look excellent. Best of luck to everyone.

  135. Emad says:

    i need one

  136. BKALLDAY says:

    Greatest Christmas Miracle??? YEah

  137. Bill Jones says:

    I love CW watches!

  138. John says:

    I like the nice clean look of this watch!

  139. MT says:

    Love Worn & Wound, and love Chris Ward! Thanks to both!

  140. Howard says:

    Whoa…what a beauty!

  141. Corey says:

    Thanks for the chance to win

  142. Love this site. This would be the best Christmas gift for my dad. Thanks W&W!

  143. James says:

    Lovely watch πŸ™‚

  144. Thanks for the great site!

  145. JJ says:

    Nice looking watch. Great photography as always!

  146. Chris S says:

    Great blog, nice watch

  147. Ron Squire says:

    Love the watch! You guys at W&W do a great job on the reviews and which watches to actually review! Keep it up gents.

  148. Wow, great review and a great watch! Ps pick me!

  149. Joe says:

    Nice watch and nice gesture once again

  150. Joseph says:

    Nice watch from a good brand! Thanks for the giveaway!

  151. Zoltan says:

    This watch caught my eye, due to the similarity it has with a recent favorite daily watch. The watch that I am refering to is the Seiko 5 SNK that is also review by worn and wound. I am thoroughly enjoying my Seiko, but have been bitten hard by the watch bug, and am already looking at a number of casual watches. My dress watch needs an update and your reviews have been most helpful when keeping style and quality in mind. Keep it up. That C10 aviator sure is one fine time piece.


  152. Eric says:

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  153. Stephen says:

    I’ll take two!

  154. Darin says:

    Good looking watch. Would make a nice Christmas present…for me

  155. sinner77 says:

    …excellent watch. I am currently wearing my Nighthawk and this would be great as a second pilot watch in my collection. Greetings from Croatia!

  156. H says:

    Awesome watch. Thanks for this opportunity, W&W!

  157. Harry says:

    Awesome watch.

  158. Fletch says:

    Been interested in this brand for a while, be good to see what they can do first hand πŸ˜‰

  159. John says:

    CW make some of my favourite pilot watch inspired pieces in the 500 to 600 range so thank you for the chance to win this and the accompanying review.

  160. Andrei says:

    Quite interesting watch. Good luck everybody!

  161. Adrian says:

    Love this watch it is the best of the C5 and the C8 aviator watches rolled into one at the sweet 42mm spot.

  162. Vinh Tran says:

    No Xmas gifts this year, too poor… But This would be an awesome gift for my dad…

  163. Philip S. says:

    I like the luminous dot on the second hand.

  164. Venca says:

    I dream about this watch!

  165. Chris says:

    Great thing you guys are doing. I’m throughly enjoying the giveaway and the website.

  166. Its a great news for watch lovers around the world. Please keep it up…..Appreciated.

  167. Alex r says:

    Another epic watch by Chris and the team. pick me

  168. gtconboy says:

    This watch exhibits very thoughtful design. The concave base of arrow at twelve, the round date aperture, the luminous dot on the second hand: all are harmonious elements. The parkerized case is an homage to classic military timepieces while serving to direct one’s view to the face rather than the case.

  169. Martin G says:

    Love your site, and this absolutely brilliant watch!

  170. Great giveaway. One of my fav CW. Continue the good job

  171. Wozza says:

    I would crush a grape if I win… Jump over a dolls house… Rip a tissue!

  172. Adam says:

    I have a black monster and am looking to move into something easier on the eye with a real feel of precision about it. This would be perfect please! thanks, Adam

  173. James says:

    Well I sure would like one of these! Thanks again, W&W.

  174. An excellent watch fit for any occasion. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  175. Kenny says:

    Very nice watch, reminds me a lot of the Victorinox Airboss. It would fit perfectly with the airplane I’m planning to buy… πŸ˜‰

  176. Chris says:

    After reading the review on this watch I have decided to order one after the Holidays. If I won this giveaway I would probably get a C60 Trident also. Thanks for this opportunity to win a great watch.

  177. Linh says:

    It’s indeed an awesome watch. Especially the dial.

  178. Pat T says:

    Thank you for being such an awesome resource! This site always makes my day just a little brighter!

  179. Paul H says:

    A fine time piece indeed. Would look great on a leather NATO.

  180. Thank you W & W for giving us the opportunity to discover and even own the wonderful watches you bring to our attention. I really enjoy watches of all kinds and thanks to your help, we can all experience watches regardless of our budget, even if it just means trying a new strap combo or buying one of the watches you mention. Thanks and a Very Happy Festive Season to you all! Big hugs, Bal (Madrid, Spain)

  181. JWJW says:

    Nice looking watch!

  182. Nick says:

    Love this site! What a beautiful watch!! Happy Holidays!

  183. Mike M says:

    I’m a fan of c.ward stuff. I have one of their watches now, and am very impressed with it. Their quality is very good, tons of different styles, and very reasonable prices. I’d love to add this one to my collection!

  184. Stuart says:

    I absolutely love the reviews you do here. Keep it up.

  185. ken says:

    how can one resist?

  186. Jake says:

    Just found this site and I really like it. I hope you do more Chris Ward reviews.

  187. Mike says:

    Great looking watch!

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    Always wanted a Chr. Ward! And thanks for all these giveaway opportunities!

  189. Tyler says:

    This would be a nice way to top of this holiday season I’m in !

  190. Steven E. says:

    I want I want I want!!!

  191. Will says:

    More Chr. Ward!

  192. Richard D says:

    Love the website, love the watch. Let it be me, I haven’t won a competition since 1989!

  193. Ben w says:

    What the heck. I never win anything, but here’s to hoping!

  194. Dennis C says:

    Definitely a cool modern interpretation on an aviator style watch!

  195. Jon M says:

    Love the site! Pick Me!

  196. Dalibor says:

    everybody loves a free watch, but i could definitely see myself buying this one…

    • Gerald S. says:

      Lovely watch. C. Ward makes some nice pieces with a very diverse range. Keep up the great reviews W & W. Love that you guys pick pieces more affordable to the “common” man.

  197. Jon says:

    Nice looking watch!

  198. Diederik says:

    I’d like to take this opportunity to not only express my gratitude for W&W’s give-away, but also for their very thorough and greatly selective watch reviews. You constantly pick the best value for money watches possible, and I’m contemplating picking up a Steinhart OVM as we speak because of you. Thanks again for helping me appreciate affordable watches, guys!

  199. Alvin says:

    Great site and watch!

  200. Christopher Ward’s Mk I, another wonderful example of a fine timepiece review by W&W. I really love you guys, your reviews are second to none! I have learned so much about watches since I started reading your blog in June of this past year. Keep up the good work, and wear your watches in good health!

  201. Kurt says:

    Continued great reviews

  202. elmaynardo says:

    ohmigod, this watch is pure sex.

  203. Such a beautiful watch!

  204. Scott says:

    I’ll keep it short – pick me. I could go on at great length about how much I enjoy this site, but ultimately it’s not essential to the giveaway.


  205. Chance says:

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  206. Syd says:

    Worn and Wound has the best giveaways! Nice CW!

  207. Andy Black says:

    Thanks for the give away! I’ve been looking at getting a Christopher Ward watch. I hope this one is it!

  208. My first CW watch is in the mail, but I’d love to get a second!

  209. I always enjoy CW watches. Thanks!

  210. Ben says:

    I’m in

  211. Eric Chan says:

    This has been on my wishlist for a while. It’s a very fine pilot’s watch.

  212. Yancy says:

    This is as close to the lottery as I get.

  213. Sig says:

    Sign me up!!

  214. David says:

    Wow, you guys just keep setting up your game! Great looking watch.

  215. Jon says:


  216. Tom says:

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    Looks great! And even better worn round my wrist.

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    Love a giveaway! Would love it even more if I won!

  227. Michael says:

    Thanks so much guys!

  228. david says:

    Imagine winning this watch. What a lucky person.

  229. Nick says:

    This is such a good site for watch aficionados. Great reviews, great pictures, great videos, and great giveaways.

  230. Thanks to your review of the C5 Malvern, it has joined my list of watches I intend to add to my modest collection, along with the stunning Zeppelin watch also reviewed here. As for the C10 Aviator, there would be a welcome spot for it in the line-up if I’m fortunately enough to be the winner. Keep up the great work, W&W.

  231. Alexander says:

    Just came across this website recently, but it seems to offer some very nice reviews on affordable watches. The giveaways are a lovely feature as well. Keep up the good work I’d say.

  232. Ryvil says:

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  233. Art says:

    Been a reader of this site from its creation, so thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in. Also great to see a Christmas give away of a fine CW watch. I own four timepieces from Chris Ward and all of them down to the last one have been a joy to use. So congratulations to whoever will win this give away!

    Happy holidays!

  234. Just says:

    A very nice looking watch and a good alternative to the C8.

  235. Neal says:

    I was previously looking at the C60 Trident GMT, as I was after a GMT model, but I didn’t really want a driver. I much prefer pilot style watches, so one of these would be great, even though it’s not a GMT.

  236. I really like the dial on this watch and also the specifications. Good work CW.

  237. mikeymusic says:

    Two C. Ward pieces in the household now. A C5 Malvern for myself and an Emily Tour Strap for my wife. Another watch would certainly be welcomed into our watch family.

  238. Jason W says:

    Amazing watches, CW makes some great pieces.

  239. Henry says:

    Great watch. Would be my first automatic! Keep up the great work wornandwound!

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  245. Time is on my side..

  246. Tomasz says:

    I read worn and wound regularly, thanks to RSS feed. I love all the reviews and the whole blog in general!

    Ohh.. and this christopher ward watch is also great – I would not mind winning it πŸ™‚

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  253. Matt S says:

    Great write up as always and good to see CW keeping the same high standards at affordable prices. Merry Xmas to all Worn & Wound followers.

  254. Dan says:

    Do want.

  255. Was looking at getting the C5 Malvern Auto mkII as my first watch with a Swiss movement after reading the worn and wound review, but now I’m swinging towards this. Beautiful watch, photographed well. Keep up the great work with the site, though I suspect that in the future my wallet may not be able to bear it!

  256. Dave T says:

    It could a perfect (and only) “from me to me” gift for Chrismas

  257. automobile influenced design & aviation influenced design are coming back

  258. Eric says:

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