Christopher Ward Hits The Deep End With New C60 Atoll

Christopher Ward gets their summer watch game into full swing with a new C60 diver called the Atoll. While it’s not short on colorful personality, this watch is all business in the stat department, boasting a 600m depth rating packed into a remarkably pleasant footprint courtesy of the lightcatcher case. There’s also some new design details to enjoy with this one, signaling a further evolution of the C60. It’s bright, it’s capable, and it starts under $600. Oh, and it’s a limited edition with a mere 350 examples planned for production. 

Christopher Ward continues to impress with their casework. The lightcatcher concept does a beautiful job of sculpting a visually interesting, and wearable structure that’s finished to a surprising degree, especially considering the price. The case here goes beyond the aesthetic, however, and provides a staggering 600m depth rating, which is just shy of 2,000ft. This is well, well beyond the realms of even serious recreational diving, and while such capable diver’s aren’t all that rare, they are seldom found in a case featuring these dimensions.


The Atoll is a 40mm watch that measures just under 13mm in thickness. It’s the same case and capability we see in the C60 Sapphire, and with the Atoll it’s placed within a $595 package. This is a lot of watch for the money. 

The Atoll gets a familiar steel bezel design that we also find on the Sapphire, however the dial gets the twin-flag icon, ditching the words Christopher Ward altogether. This has long been a point of contention with this brand, and the twin-flag brings an undoubtedly cleaner look to the space, similar to what we saw on the C60 Anthropocene GMT. 

The dial itself is bright blue with a healthy amount of green thrown in for a look that gets near teal at the center, and darker at the edges. Yes, the counterweight of the seconds hand still has the trident. A date window is placed at 6 o’clock to preserve dial symmetry, and it gets a black date wheel with white printing. Applied markers are set at each hour, all containing a helping of lume. 

Inside you’ll find a Sellita SW-200 automatic movement with 38 hours of reserve on tap. All told, this is a handsome, highly competent summer watch at a pretty appealing price point. The starting price of $595 is on an ocean #tide recycled plastics strap. Rubber and hybrid rubber straps are available at $610, and finally a bracelet can be had on the watch at $740. The Atoll is available now from Christopher Ward.

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