Clomm Malachite Limited Edition


A few months ago, we had the pleasure of introducing the brand Clomm, a brand founded by British designer Gary Fidele. Clomm’s first series of watches, Terra Firma, utilize natural materials for the dial such as cork, wood and ceramic to create minimal watches with a bold appearance. Their newest watch builds on this collection with the use of a very interesting material that is uncommon in watches, Malachite.

Malachite is a very striking mineral. It features a range of greens from emerald to near black, formed in wavy striations reminiscent of wood grain. While ornate in its own right, there is something soothing about the colors and random grain, never getting too wild or bright. Clomm paired the Malachite with their 47mm lugless case in matte black PVD, with black hands and a black Italian leather strap. In this combination the Malachite takes on somewhat of a masculine tone that works very well with the overall aesthetic of the watch.

An interesting thing to note about these watches is that the dial is a continuous piece of Malachite, which makes for a manufacturing challenge. It’s also the largest piece of  Malachite currently being used in a watch. At $630, this is presently their most expensive watch, and while certainly on the pricy side for a quartz, it’s clearly the rare material on the dial that one is after here. There are other watches out there with Malachite on the dials, such as by Piaget, but those cost in the 5-figure range and tend to be fussy looking, rather than modern and clean. No matter how you look at it, this is an exciting, interesting and quite attractive addition to the Clomm line.

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