Come to the Autodromo Stradale Launch in NYC Tomorrow


Just the other day, Autodromo, released a new line of automatic watches at the Concorso Italiano in Monterey California. The Stradale series continues their automotive inspired-spin on watch design with a refreshing sense of elegance and style. Their last series, the Prototipos, drew from 60’s and 70’s chronographs, achieving a vintage aesthetic that both watch and car enthusiasts found very appealing. The Stradales go back to the cars themselves and a slightly earlier era, being based on the dashes from Italian sports berlinettas of the late 50s and early 60s. There is a definite retro feel to them, yet the execution looks very modern. Fusing a 40mm case with wire lugs, dials with floating glass indexes, domed sapphire crystals and simply to-die-for straps, these Miyota 9015 powered stunners are their new flagship line, priced at $875.


We’ll be getting these in for review post-haste, so I’ll leave my more detailed thoughts for then, but right now we have an exciting opportunity to share with you: The Autodromo Stradale Launch Party! If you happen to be in NYC this Wednesday (the 27th) Bradley, the founder and designer behind Autodromo, along with the curated men’s store Modern:Anthology will be hosting a launch for this new series. It’s from 6 – 9pm at Modern:Anthology on 68 Jay Street in DUMBO. I know I’m going, so I hope to see some of you guys there too. Be sure to RSVP to the address in the flyer below:


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