Czapek Opens the Dial of Antarctique in New Révélation

Czapek is following up their new Dark Titanium Antarctique (which we introduced to you right here) with something a bit different in the form of the Révélation. This variant offers an openworked dial to enjoy the new purpose-built SXH7 movement within. Doing open dials is something of an artform, and Czapek has proven quite adept at maximizing the space given. To do so here, they had to alter the core of their SXH5 movement to such a degree that it became something else entirely in the process. The payoff was clearly worth it, offering a beautiful view into the unique design language of Czapek’s movement ethos. 

The Antarctique Révélation expands on the rapidly maturing collection, and sets a new tone in the process. This case and bracelet have proven they can easily adapt to a variety of dial configurations, from the very simple, managing the focal point; to the relatively wild, thus relinquishing it. This watch is clearly an example of the latter, with one of those dials that just keeps on giving, with small details and hidden away areas to discover.


Perhaps the most interesting part of this watch is the commitment to the movement in an effort to get the openworked details right. It began, according to Czapek, with a request from a fan of the brand. CEO Xavier de Roquemaurel explains: “People were in love with the remarkable design of our SXH5 movement, and we therefore asked ourselves how we could somehow make it visible on the dial” and …”soon a far more complex idea emerged, namely turning part of the movement upside down in the case and skeletonizing the main plate.” What emerged was something completely new in the SXH7 movement, made bespoke to showcase the movement in an optimal manner, through the dial.

The results speak for themselves here, with a truly unique open dial. The seconds hand has been placed at 4:30, and the balance under a full bridge at 6 o’clock. The oscillating weight, which is now visible on both sides of the dial, had to be engraved and finished on the backside, as did many of the reworked bridges supporting the re-structured gear train. Through all this the movement has retained the Czapek DNA.

Elsewhere you’ll find a familiar looking C-link bracelet and 40.5mm case that measures a scant 10.6mm in thickness. It’s just as good on the wrist as it is to behold. Production is limited to 100 pieces per year at a price of CHF 38,000. Deliveries are expected to begin early 2025. Czapek.

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