Double the Miffy: De Rijke & Co. and Revolution Team Up for a Special Limited Edition Version of the Miffy Moonphase

The De Rijke & Co. “Miffy” watches have unexpectedly launched the Dutch brand to a level of acclaim over the last few years that would have been hard for most people to predict. That isn’t because the watches they make aren’t worthy (we’ve been following them closely since the excellent Amalfi 1S, reviewed here in the pre-Miffy days), but because the Miffy character is quintessentially Dutch, and not an internationally known and obvious subject for a character watch. And also because, well, who would have thought that the “elegant driver’s watch” format would lend itself so well to a character at all? There’s an obvious sense of whimsy here, a youthful playfulness combined with De Rijke’s eye for great design that just really works. And the latest Miffy watch is perhaps the most impressive yet: a limited edition run made in collaboration with Revolution, featuring a unique perspective on De Rijke’s Miffy moonphase execution. 


The previous Miffy watches (which we wrote about here and here) were essentially opportunities for De Rijke to experiment with bold colors and work in an aesthetic defined by the illustrations of Miffy creator Dick Bruna. The moonphase disc captures Miffy riding a crescent moon, surrounded by stars, with luminescent material applied to the nighttime scene. It’s one of the largest moonphase indicators we know of in a wristwatch, with the width of the disc itself coming in at 20mm. The artwork takes advantage of the large size – the animation is vivid and impossible to miss. Everything is captured in the ingenious Amalfi case, which is 38mm wide and just 11mm tall, and incorporates the party of trick of being equipped with a rotating inner case, designed so that the dial can be more easily viewed when driving.  

For the new Revolution limited edition, De Rijke has apparently decided to give collectors more of the thing that is drawing fans to this series of watches in the first place. Instead of a single Miffy viewable through an aperture on the 12:00 side of the dial, the wearer is treated to a view of the second Miffy that would normally be hidden from view, thanks to the addition of a sapphire dial plate. The smoked sapphire allows us to see both extra large moonphase indicators at the same time, and has the added functional benefit of working as a moonphase indicator for both the northern and southern hemispheres. 

The use of sapphire in a dial is kind of a cheat code for a completely new visual perspective. We’ve seen it employed in various ways by brands at all price points, from Christopher Ward with their C60 sapphire, to Zenith with their most recent Chronomaster Open. It can give a dial additional depth and color, depending on the execution, and it’s worth pointing out that incorporating small sapphire discs is no easy feat from a production standpoint. For the Miffy Double Moonphase, 100 dials had to be ordered to make the end result cost effective. 

And that’s one of the great surprises of this watch – the retail price is €3,100, which seems like a real value for a watch this limited, with so much charm and creativity behind it. The Amalfi case also happens to be one of the most enjoyable watch designs from a pure tactile perspective (you’ll want to make use of the rotating inner case even if you’re not adjusting it for driving), and it wears incredibly well. 

The De Rijke & Co. × Revolution Miffy Double Moonphase is available right now via Revolution’s storefront.

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