De Rijke Returns to Miffy Collaboration One Year Later with New Dial Colors

One year ago we showed you the delightful De Rijke Miffy Moonphase, a playful take on De Rijke’s distinctive design language honoring the iconic Dutch cartoon character created by Dick Bruna, Miffy. We remarked then about the watch’s universal appeal beyond the character thanks to the exquisite execution of the character etched into a brass plate alongside the moonphase display. This year, De Rijke returns to the concept with three new dial colors that once again breathe new life into Bruna’s uniquely Dutch creation. 

The Miffy character has been incorporated into the design of the moonphase disc rotating underneath the dial, which is visible through an oversized aperture that dominates the top half of the dial. The character, which is a bunny, appears within the moon itself, with a slew of stars trailing. The entire design has been laser etched out of brass, polished and black rhodium plated. The recesses are then filled with different colors of lume, creating not only a vibrant illustration, but also an impressive sight in the dark.


We’ve talked about our feelings on cartoon characters within the confines of watches before in this editorial, and sadly I neglected to mention the original De Rijke x Miffy as an example that works. According to Laurens de Rijke, the brand’s founder, it’s a reminder that we needn’t always take ourselves too seriously, explaining: “ For me though, it makes a lot of sense, the world of watches is one that is often very serious. With my brand I have always wanted to highlight a certain playfulness. With the Amalfi the playfulness was found in the rotating case and in the illustrations of Guy Allen, with Miffy, the rotating case mechanism is just another playfully aspect of the watch. Next to that, Miffy is a true work of art and quintessentially Dutch.

The latest additions to this effort are presented in three different dial colors, each limited to just 25 examples. The new dials welcome white, yellow, and orange to the stable, with the blue based moonphase disc remaining unchanged throughout. Like the Amalfi, the inner portion of the case can be rotated by the crown. The watch measures 38mm in diameter and 11mm in thickness, and holds a Sellita SW288 within.

Each of the new examples will be priced from €2,888 (around $3,125 at the moment), and will go on sale January 19th at 9:00am CET, that’s 3am eastern, and midnight on the west coast, so set an alarm if you’re stateside and are looking to land one of these. Learn more about the watch, including lead times and production changes at the De Rijke website.

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