eBay Finds: 1960s Seamaster, Tradition Skin Diver, and More

When it comes to shopping for vintage watches on eBay, it can be a gold mine, but it can also be a minefield. Our very own Christoph McNeill (you all might know him as Instagram’s @VintageDiver) wrote a must-read, common sense guide to buying vintage watches on eBay (check out Part 1 and Part 2). So if you’re looking for a vintage watch, but are still a little nervous diving head-first into those murky waters, then don’t worry—we’re here to help.  Today, we have another installment of eBay Finds, our series where we highlight some great vintage gems looking for a new home. Happy hunting!

1960s Omega Seamaster

This stylish 1960s Seamaster has that clean and classic “Mad Men” look.These are great watches, but unfortunately so many Seamasters these days are redialed or polished to death. This one appears to be farm fresh. The dial and hands look super clean, and the crown is correct and signed. Who knows, the crystal might even turn out to be original and signed, too. 

This is one of those auctions that could turn out to be a gem. The pics aren’t the best, but the seller states that the watch is running and it’s an estate find. Furthermore, the seller does not appear to be a regular flipper of watches, so he’s not just pushing product. Sometimes you need to take a risk with sub-par pictures to get some good deals on eBay. This listing seems like one of those cases. That said, feel free to reach out and ask for better-lit shots—preferably in daylight.

Check it out here


Tradition Swiss-Made Skin Diver

Tradition was a brand that was made to be sold at Sears stores back in the day, and the watches were fairly well made and actually had some neat designs. This classic skin diver watch was one of the best of the line, and featured a 17-jewel Swiss movement and a 38-millimeter steel case. While a Sears watch may not have the same cache that other brands do, this is a solid vintage piece with a cool dial that can be had for a fraction of the price of those other firms. And this one looks to be in great condition.

Check it out here

Bulova Art Deco “Montgomery” (Serviced with Original Box)

Here’s something a little different for you. I used to collect 1930s Art Deco watches, and Bulova was on fire during that period—amazing designs and rock solid quality were their hallmarks. Case in point: this 1937 Bulova Montgomery. Now, these are quite small by today’s standards, but if you can rock a smaller piece and dig the Art Deco look, then you can’t go wrong with this curve-cased looker. The seller states the watch is serviced, and it even comes with a period-correct box (read all about collecting horological ephemera here).

Check it out here

Eterna-matic Centenaire

Here’s another great 1960s dress watch—the Eterna-matic Centenaire. Eterna is a great brand with an amazing history, and the Centenaire line came out originally in 1956 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Eterna. This one is another farm fresh piece, and it looks to be all original and complete with a signed crown. The dial is also very clean for its age. While the “buy it now” price is what I would consider the higher end of what I would pay, the starting bid is more than fair. Try your luck at bidding and you might get a real bargain, or snag it now to be sure it’s yours.

Check it out here

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Christoph (Instagram’s @vintagediver) is a long time collector and lover of all things vintage, starting with comic books when he was a kid (he still collects them). His passion for watches began in 1997 when he was gifted a family heirloom vintage Omega Genève by his step-father. That started him on the watch collecting path—buying and selling vintage watches of all sorts, with a special appreciation for vintage dive watches and Seiko.