eBay Finds: Bulova “Tank” with a Secret Photo Compartment, Tissot Seastar, and More

When it comes to shopping for vintage watches on eBay, it can be a gold mine, but it can also be a minefield. Our very own Christoph McNeill (you all might know him as Instagram’s @VintageDiver) wrote a must-read, common sense guide to buying vintage watches on eBay (check out Part 1 and Part 2). So if you’re looking for a vintage watch, but are still a little nervous diving head-first into those murky waters, then don’t worry—we’re here to help.  Today, we have another installment of eBay Finds, our series where we highlight some great vintage gems looking for a new home. Happy hunting!

Ultrasonic Seapearl Dress Watch (NOS)

Oh man, we have a good one here! This vintage Enicar Seapearl looks to be in almost NOS condition. The ‘50s style steel case is untouched and super sharp, the case back engraving looks brand new, and the watch even has its original crown. The dial is pretty clean, too, with its bullseye design rendered in an elegant off-white. The only real blemish is some faint Radium burn from the hands sitting in the same position for a long time. This is common with Radium-dialed drawer finds, which is likely where this one sat for a long time. The seller states it’s running and keeping time, but since this one likely sat somewhere untouched for a long time, I’d recommend a service just to ensure it operates as nicely as it looks.



Flip-Top “Tank” with a Secret Photo Compartment

Bulova has made some iconic sport watches, but their dress pieces are not to be ignored. Case in point: this beautiful flip-top photo locket “tank” where the whole watch module lifts up to reveal a secret spot for a photo. This example has a beautiful rolled gold case with an engraved bezel, and it appears to be in excellent original condition. Furthermore, the seller claims that the dial is original, and I’m inclined to agree based on the photos. This watch is entirely USA-made, and the movement has been serviced, so no need to worry about doing anything with this one.



This vintage Tissot Seastar ticks all the boxes. It has a sleek, 1950s-style steel case with great lugs, and the case looks to be in relatively good, original condition with the correct crown intact. The dial has since developed a beautiful, even patina in a shade of cream that just makes it look all the more interesting. This Seastar is just a solid little dress watch that, because it’s not too ornate, should look good on a variety of straps and with a range of outfits.


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Christoph (Instagram’s @vintagediver) is a long time collector and lover of all things vintage, starting with comic books when he was a kid (he still collects them). His passion for watches began in 1997 when he was gifted a family heirloom vintage Omega Genève by his step-father. That started him on the watch collecting path—buying and selling vintage watches of all sorts, with a special appreciation for vintage dive watches and Seiko.