Farer Highlights British Female Explorers With Three New Models Using A Familiar Case Design

Earlier this year, the Stanhope made its return to the Farer collection, but with a new dynamic cushioned case design that had us intrigued from the get. The case got wider, making room for an edgier bezel that contrasted from the round dial and cushion case, giving the Stanhope II its distinct look. Pair the updated case with a dial that already had some depth from its current construction and furnishings, and we get a watch that has made quite the impression among the loyal Farer fanbase, general watch enthusiasts, and our very own Zach Kazan who reviewed the Stanhope II back in June.

All that said, I couldn’t help but notice how the Stanhope II seemed more conservative than most Farers. In my eyes, I attributed that to the off-white case and subtle use of color, which is uncommon for the brand which I’m used to seeing more bold and vibrant use of colors from. Today, Farer has answered that call with the release of three new models that add more than a touch of color to their newly designed case.


The three new additions to the Farer lineup go by the Durham, the Mansfield, and the Lethbridge, and are named after a group of British female explorers that have made their mark in their respective creative fields. These models forgo the piqué textured dial found on the Stanhope II for a floating hour ring. The new design separates the center of the dial and the minute track, creating a sector aesthetic, while simultaneously highlighting the applied hour markers. The choice to go with this dial design makes these models feel more refined than the sportier looking Stanhope II.

The Durham comes adorned with a salmon copper dial contrasted by a slate gray hour ring housing Roman numeral hour markers every other hour (skipping the 6 o’clock marker). The Mansfield, which I think is the most ‘Farer’ of the bunch, comes in what the brand is calling a ‘tea green’ dial color. The Mansfield demarcates the hours using Arabic numerals as opposed to Roman numerals, and polished applied markers. The Lethbridge follows the same format as the Mansfield with matching dial and hour ring colors, except the Lethbridge’s dial is a vibrant silver offset by polished ‘octane’ blue markers and hand set. Each of these models gets a vertical grain finish on the dial which mutes the center ever so slightly. The hour ring looks to have a more polished finish, so even with the like-colored dial and hour ring models in the Mansfield and the Lethbridge, the dial will present differently as lighting changes in your immediate surroundings.

The newly designed case remains untouched. The three-piece stainless steel case measures 38.5mm in width, 10.5mm in depth and 43.8mm lug to lug. The multi-faceted case maintains its combination of angular lines and cushion silhouette, as well as the signature bronze capped crown with the Farer ‘A’ symbol. The display caseback highlights a Sellita SW261-1 Elaboré Grade movement with a signed and pattern-engraved rotor.

The Durham, Mansfield and Lethbridge are all available for order directly through Farer with your option for a Granolo or St. Venere leather strap, your choice of a numbered model from 001 to 100 and if you so choose, a free engraving. All models retail at $995 and are slated to ship October 12th. Farer 

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