Fears and Christopher Ward Collaborate for the First Limited Edition from the British Watch and Clock Makers Alliance

We’ve covered the Alliance of British Watch and Clock Makers a few times since it was founded in 2020. We’ve had Christopher Ward’s Mike France and Roger Smith on our podcast to discuss the origins of the trade group, and we devoted a panel at last year’s Windup Watch Fair in New York City to the coming “British Invasion” of watch brands, which the Alliance is a big part of. Mostly, though, we’ve just seen British brands have a real moment over the last several years, and two of our favorites have collaborated on the first watch released by the Alliance. The all new Fears Christopher Ward: Alliance 01 takes a slice of what we love about both brands and combines it into a very limited watch that will only be available to Alliance Club members. 


It’s worth pointing out from the outset that this watch represents a big part of what the Alliance set out to do upon its founding, which is to foster collaboration between British watchmaking companies. Sharing resources and forging partnerships across the Alliance’s 77 trade members is very much the goal of the organization, and this new watch reflects that in a unique and highly tangible way. 

The Alliance 01 is notable for the way it balances the aesthetic language that Fears has established over this most recent period in their history with the technical know-how of Christopher Ward. The stainless steel case is bespoke, made specifically for this project, but will immediately make Fears fans think of the cushion cases used across the Brunswick line. The 40.5mm case is matched to a burgundy dial with concentric circles highlighting the inner section and a sunray finish on the outside. The sector-like layout puts the focus on the defining technical feature of the Alliance 01, its jump hour movement. A large aperture at 12:00 displays the current hour, while minutes are read via an interior dial and a single beveled and diamond polished hand. 

At the heart of the watch is a Sellita SW200 with Christopher Ward’s JJ01 jump hour module layered over it. The JJ01 is something of a Christopher Ward classic, having made its debut all the way back in 2011 in the C9 Harrison Jump Hour. It’s a great reminder that Christopher Ward, over what is now a fairly lengthy period of time, has always been a brand that has leaned into mechanical experimentation. The JJ01 now finds itself getting some second and third looks among watch enthusiasts, as it serves as the basis for the chiming complication in the much discussed Bel Canto, which saw a release at the end of last year to wide acclaim across the community.

Production of the Alliance 01 will be limited to just 50 pieces, and it will only be available to Alliance members at the Club level which currently costs £55 per year to join, and offers a number of benefits including priority access to digital and in-person events and magazine subscriptions. Most importantly, you’re supporting an organization that seeks to facilitate the resurgence of British watchmaking in a way that’s inclusive, open, and mindful of British watchmaking history. Proceeds from sales of the watch go right back to support the Alliance. The Fears Christopher Ward: Alliance 01 has a retail price of £3,950 inclusive of VAT, and will be available to Alliance members beginning on January 27. Fears x Christopher Ward

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