The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 158: The Alliance of British Watch & Clock Makers, with Mike France and Roger W. Smith

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Today on the Worn & Wound podcast, we’re talking all about British watchmaking, and our guests are exactly the two people you’d want to speak to about the subject. Mike France is a co-founder of Christopher Ward, a British brand that will be very familiar to most Worn & Wound readers, and Roger W. Smith is a British watchmaker based on the Isle of Man who produces about 15 handmade watches per year. 

Roger W. Smith at his Isle of Man workshop

Mike and Roger occupy very different segments of the British watch market, but have joined together to form the Alliance of British Watch & Clock Makers, a newly formed trade body that exists to promote British watchmaking throughout the world. On today’s show, they talk about forming the Alliance, how it came about, and some of the unique characteristics of watchmaking in Britain that make it special and unique.

Christopher Ward co-founder Mike France

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