First Look at the USA-Exclusive Grand Seiko Seasons Collection (Refs. SBGH271, SBGH273, SBGA413, and SBGA415)

Grand Seiko’s designs and general aesthetics are often said to be inspired by the nature. We see this in the “Snowflake,” perhaps their most iconic watch, with a dial created to call to mind gently windblown fields of snow. Then there’s the Mt. Iwate dial, now in multiple colors, with fine ridges radiating from the center that, when they catch the light just right, mimic the Japanese mountains that can be seen from the Grand Seiko studio where these dials are produced.

Now, with four new permanent additions to the collection based on the seasons introduced at the recent Couture Time event in Las Vegas, Grand Seiko takes another step to laying claim as the luxury watchmaker that is firmly planted in the natural world. 

The Seasons Collection consists of four watches, representing spring, summer, fall, and winter. Spring and Winter utilize Spring Drive movements, while Summer and Fall are powered by Hi-Beat mechanical calibers. 

Refs. SBGH271 and SBGH273 (Summer and Fall)

  • Case Material: stainless steel
  • Dial: Green (with gold accents), Blue
  • Dimensions: 40mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Movement: Hi-Beat 9S85 caliber
  • Strap/bracelet: Bracelet
  • Price: $6,300
  • Expected Release: Summer 2019

SBGA413 and SBGA415 (Spring and Winter)

  • Case Material: Titanium
  • Dial: Light pink, white
  • Dimensions: 40mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Movement: 9R65 Spring Drive caliber
  • Strap/bracelet: bracelet
  • Price: $6,300
  • Expected Release: Summer 2019


Let’s tackle the Hi-Beats first. The green and blue dials of Summer and Fall (references SBGH271 and SBGH273, respectively) are very subtly textured, and meant to represent the lush greenery of the height of summer and cool, moonlit fall nights. The cases are in stainless steel and measure 40mm across, and make use of Grand Seiko’s 62GS case design, which is a great throwback for fans of the brand’s earliest pieces. This is a classic case shape that feels formal and somewhat opulent, and when matched with the same highly polished and amazingly reflective hour indices and hands that Grand Seiko is known for (in a beautiful yellow gold on the summer model), you are left with a classic dress watch that effectively straddles the line between reserved from across the room, but addicting to look at when on the wrist.

Ref. SBGH273.

The SBGA415 is the winter reference, and this one absolutely builds on the themes in the vaunted and modern classic Snowflake (reference SBGA211). Equipped with a Spring Drive movement, the smooth sweep of the seconds hand across a picaresque Japanese snow scene remains the emotional touchstone, but the dial has a texture that’s more elaborate and immediately dynamic than the older reference. If the SBGA211 is a quiet, windswept, snow covered landscape, the newer version is more akin to a blizzard in progress.

Ref. SBGA415

Like the Summer and Fall editions, reference SBGA415 uses the heritage 62GS form factor as a starting point for case design, but the Winter variant is cast in lightweight titanium (as is the Spring watch). There’s a cohesiveness here to the line that I think is noteworthy, and also very much part of recent Grand Seiko tradition. We’ve seen other high visibility Spring Drive watches in titanium, which is in many ways a more modern way to make a watch that fits in with the advanced movement. The Hi-Beat in steel, on the other hand, represents the traditionalist ethos of Grand Seiko. It’s simple, traditional watchmaking that has just been done extremely well with tons of care.

“Winter” ref. SBGA415 and “Spring” ref. SBGA413.

The Spring variant, reference SBGA413, is perhaps the showstopper of the bunch, and represents something that’s truly different for the brand. Using the same type of dial texture as its Spring Drive sibling, the Spring watch is finished in a light shade of pink, symbolizing the cherry blossoms that bring tourists from all over the world to Japan every year. This watch feels like not only a great example of Grand Seiko’s watchmaking, but a deeply felt tribute to an important piece of Japanese culture. The cherry blossom is often seen as a metaphor for the fleeting nature of all life. Every spring, the cherry blossoms bloom, briefly altering much of the Japanese landscape, and as quickly as they appear, they’re gone. It’s essential to enjoy them while you can. Extending this metaphor to a watch seems incredibly natural for Grand Seiko.

Ref. SBGH271.

All watches in the Seasons collection carry a list price of $6,300, and are exclusive to US-based retailers. They are permanent parts of the Grand Seiko catalog, however, and should begin hitting stores later this summer. Grand Seiko

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