First Look: The Autodromo Intereuropa Nassau Blue

The Autodromo Intereuropa is back in a colorway perfect for those end-of-summer drives along coastal highways at sunset, with the top down, and Jan and Dean on the stereo. But before we get into the details, here’s a refresher on the Intereuropa for those in the need. Inspired by mid-century sport coupes, the Intereuropa is Autodromo’s first watch to feature a Swiss-made hand-wound movement, the ETA/Peseux 7001. Housed in a curvaceous 39mm polished steel body with wire lugs, a concave bezel and domed crystal, it’s appropriately nimble and svelte with a 10.3mm profile. The dial is the breadwinner, however, with a layered design featuring a floating crystal index with hovering type, Autodromo’s signature screw detailing, and a sub-seconds at six.

The new color, dubbed Nassau blue, takes that undeniable mix of care-free style and luxury attitude that mid-century sports cars are known for and instills it into a calming mix of off-white and pale blue. Named in tribute to a race that took place in the Bahamas in the ‘50s and ‘60s, the two-tone palette is evocative of a Caribbean locale, but also a summer sky with soft clouds, or a clear blue body of water with white sands. In other words, chill, relaxing places you want to just lose yourself in.

To break it down a bit, the lower dial surface is a soft, light blue with a metallic, but not sunburst, finish. There are minimal extraneous details to disturb this serene surface, with the one standout being “Intereuropa” in red beneath the sub-seconds dial, reminding you of the watch’s sporty influences. Hovering over the blue is the Intereuropa’s distinctive index which features a slightly warm off-white background with black numerals and graphics. The use of black keeps the watch highly legible and adds a touch of needed contrast. Floating above the center of the dial, printed on the back of the crystal, are three concentric circles in white. Though they have no functional purpose, they add greatly to the watch’s unique personality.

With the Autodromo Intereuropa Nassau Blue strapped to your wrist, you’re going to have to fight off urges for rum cocktails, Panama hats, and various articles of white linen. Many watches have a style that can evoke emotion or nostalgia, even for something you’ve never experienced, but few push you to get out of your seat. The Intereuropa urges you to find a convertible and cruise. Not that I have been able to oblige this urge, but sitting here, at a monitor, looking at the soft blue and white dial contrasted by a navy blue Saffiano strap, I can just about feel the wind in my hair. $1,250, available now at Autodromo

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