G-Shock Introduces the GM2100 Series, a New Metallic Version of the CasiOak

The G-Shock GA2100 series has become a full fledged watch phenomenon in the relatively short time that they’ve been on the market. They’ve been released in a wide range of colors (I reviewed the red one right here) and G-Shock has even introduced a smaller, easier wearing size in recent months. Perhaps predictably, the CasiOak, as it’s become known, has become a favorite among watch modders, who have given these watches all kinds of facelifts, including adding full metal outer cases. Now, seemingly in response, G-Shock has introduced a new line, the GM2100 series, which is essentially the CasiOak covered in a protective metallic layer. 


The idea here is extremely simple. G-Shock has taken the popular profile of the GA2100 and placed a forged stainless steel bezel over it. So this isn’t a “full metal” G-Shock like some of their pricier offerings, but a slightly modified version of the original CasiOak. It’s important to point out here that the GA2100 has always been more than just a style statement – it uses G-Shock’s Carbon Core Guard tech to protect the module from shocks and other damage, while keeping the entire package lightweight and thin (and affordable). It was, in a way, an alternative to a watch in a metal case, while maintaining much of the rigidity and shock resistance of a watch made with a stainless steel case. The GM2100 follows the same principle, as G-Shock tells us the modules for these watches are housed in “a glass fiber reinforced resin case” for the greatest protection against damage. 

A total of four variants are available at launch: the GM2100-1A with a stainless steel bezel, the GM2100N-2A with a blue IP coated bezel and matching dial, and the GM2100B-3A/4A in gray IP, which can be had with dials in green or red. Visually they leave a similar impression to the CasiOak, but have the appearance of something a bit more premium thanks to the steel bezel. That said, they still sit at an affordable price point, retailing for $220 (that’s about $100 more than the full resin GA2100). 

In addition to the standard G-Shock shock resistant properties, these are fairly basic in terms of specs. The GM2100 watches don’t feature G-Shock’s latest connected technology, so there’s no synching with your phone here. But you get 200 meters of water resistance, a stopwatch, calendar, and alarm functionality. Basically, all the core functions that make G-Shocks the great all around grab-and-go watches that they are, but none of the more tech forward advanced features. Assuming these watches trade at or around the retail price (the original CasiOaks sold at a premium in the early days when they were most in demand) their feature set feels like a fair proposition. 

More information can be found right here.

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