G-Shock Links Up With Pro Surfer Kanoa Igarashi Introducing The GBX100KI-1

As an avid surfer, I’ve always wondered what a ‘surf watch’ would look like. Could a rotating bezel somehow tell me the direction of the swell or maybe the dial could give me some information about the tide level? Seems like there’s still some work to be done from an analog side of things, so I won’t hold my breath. But lucky for us, last year G-Shock released the GBX100 series, a rugged digital watch built with the surfer in mind, equipped with features including tide graph, moon phase and sunrise-sunset time displays.

More recently, G-Shock has announced the launch of the GBX100KI-1, the second iteration of the GBX model in collaboration with pro surfer Kanoa Igarashi. Igarashi is a rising rock star in the surfing world. His résumé speaks for itself, with countless contest wins and a handful of records as the youngest to ever break them. But most notably, Igarashi won the silver medal in surfing’s debut as a sport in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. There are many parallels between G-Shock, the GBX100 series and Igarashi himself; from their roots tracing back to their homeland of Japan to surfing itself, this collaboration is a perfect match.


The GBX-100KI maintains the base specifications as its predecessor. The resin case measures 50.9 mm wide, 46 mm spanning from lug to lug and stands tall at 14.7 mm; this is definitely a watch that will have to stay strapped over a wetsuit and will do so securely and comfortably with the urethane resin band and the double pin-buckle system.

As with every other G-Shock, it’s all about the multiple features and functions. With the GBX100KI-1, the use of the negative LCD display and the ‘Memory in Pixel’ (MIP) technology combine for a highly legible watch at different angles with minimal glare. The use of MIP technology requires the GBX100KI-1 to draw less power for the display and contributes to conserving the 2 year CR2032 battery life.  As mentioned above, the GBX100KI-1 displays key information to a surfer preparing for, or in the middle of a surf session. I would find the tide graph very useful in timing when I would head out to my local break at high tide, and the sunset time display to give me a heads up on when to paddle in before the sun completely disappears below the horizon. If you’re not a surfer, but someone who still likes to keep active, the GBX100KI-1 is still equipped to be a solid workout companion with its additional ability to track several activities, distance traveled, time and pace.

The Kanoa Igarashi personal touches on the GBX100KI-1 are plentiful. The bezel and mineral glass covering display a pixelated image of Igarashi dropping in on a double overhead sized wave. The number 50, representing Igarashi’s World Surf League number, is imprinted on the top ridge of the resin band beneath the case. Igarashi’s signature is also donned above the LCD display, on the tail-end of the resin band and centered on the stainless steel caseback.

If you’re a fan of Kanoa Igarashi and find yourself in need of a durable surf watch, the GBX100KI-1 is most certainly the way to go. The G-Shock Kanoa Igarashi GBX100KI-1 collaboration retails for $200 and can be found alongside the current line up of the GBX100 series on the G-Shock site. G-Shock

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