G-SHOCK Looks to the Northern Lights for Inspiration in New MTG-B3000 Aurora Oval

A new MT-G from G-Shock brings a stunning selection of vibrant colors to the case, dial, and strap in a full embracing of its inspiration, the aurora borealis as seen from space. The watch is the MTG-B3000, and it uses a stainless steel recrystallization and deep-layer hardening processes with a rainbow IP coating applied to the surface that brings the shimmering ROY G BIV tones to life on the bezel and case. The result is an ever changing vibrance paired with blacks, reds, and purples to round out the effect. This is a watch that uses every surface, nook, and cranny to express the theme, and it makes a unique impression as a result, even for an MT-G. 

Taking inspiration from nature is nothing new of course, as we’ve seen executed beautifully by the likes of Grand Seiko and others, generally in the form of a dial texture or the color palette at use. In typical G-Shock style, they’ve embraced the inspiration of the aurora in a unique manner thanks to their material processes and treatments. The aurora borealis is not a static event, occurring when charged particles collide with the earth’s atmosphere, causing billions of flashes to occur in sequence, giving the appearance of ‘dancing’ across the sky in an organic manner. Recreating this effect in a material was the goal for G-Shock, and one they achieved in a way that is unfortunately incapable of being captured in photographs.


The process of creating the bezel begins with the stainless steel base, which undergoes a recrystallization and deep-layer hardening processes, forming a hard layer on its surface and creating a gleaming texture. Then, a rainbow IP coating is applied to the surface of both the bezel and case. Because of this process, each bezel piece will be unique in appearance. Further still, it takes on new hues at every angle, creating a fully dynamic experience that echoes the very aurora that inspired it. 

While the bezel and case are the real star of the show here, the dial accentuates the effect with its black base and dark purple and red accents. It’s legible while ceding the focal point to the bezel. The translucent purple strap integrates to the case and Dual Core Guard structure, compliments the big personality of the rest of the watch. It ties the whole package together beautifully. 

The MTG-B3000 Aurora Oval is available for pre-order right now from G-Shock for $1,400. There are plenty of other G-Shock exclusive details to enjoy here, such as bluetooth connectivity to their app, which you can read more about from G-Shock.

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