Wear The New Bodega x G-Shock 40th Anniversary “Anytime and Anywhere”

Boston-based streetwear giant, Bodega, is known for being one of the premier retailers and collaborators in the world of sneakers and fashion since 2006. On February 17th, the brand is releasing their latest collab, and this time it’s one you can wear on your wrist. G-Shock has been in the watch world for a staggering 40 years, and they’ve come up with a heck of a release to celebrate. Based on the original G-Shock, the familiar square DW-5600, this new collar has some added flair that makes it truly something special.

Building upon the theme of “Anytime and Anywhere”, the watch draws inspiration from the global reach that both brands have. The ability to throw on a G-Shock and have it work anytime and anywhere rings true to the theme. Instead of the standard matte black resin, the case and bracelet are crafted from a smoke gray translucent resin that adds some depth to the design. They’ve also incorporated a steel bumper bar to add an extra rugged touch. Co-branding on the dial is complete with gold and red accents that really pop off the rest of the gray watch.


One of the coolest parts of this collaboration is the old school globe design that’s rendered in red on a green background when the backlight is activated. Flip the watch over and the globe motif is repeated on the engraved case back. This watch comes with the classic resin band and a unique additional strap with a built-in carabiner. Make use of the included tool and extra set of endlinks, and you can pop the woven carabiner strap onto the watch and clip it to your favorite bag or jacket for quick access to the time. 

Since this is a G-Shock, you’ll appreciate all of the grab-and-go features that make it so great. Extreme shock resistance that’s stood the test of time, 200 meter water resistance, and a long-lasting battery that ensures you’re good to go “Anytime and Anywhere”. Inside is the classic 3229 module that displays the time along with an alarm, countdown timer, and stopwatch. The entire package ships in a miniature steamer trunk-inspired case that’s an awesome shade of green with black hardware and bright yellow printing. 

G-Shock is no newcomer to the world of collaborations, but this one with Bodega strikes the perfect balance of interesting details and everyday wearability. You can snag one online or in Bodega stores on Friday, February 17th at 12pm Eastern for $170. G-Shock.

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