G-Shock Reveals New Mudmaster Lineup With Slimmer Case and Forged Carbon Case

Who doesn’t love a G-Shock? While most of us may be content to throw on a classic DW6500 or other ‘square’ for the rough and tumble of a weekend knowing that the resin case and shock resistant construction can handle whatever we might throw at it (and looking cool in the process), there are several G Shock lines dedicated to those who need something a little more purposeful and even more durable.

The Master of G line of G-Shock watches are designed for use in harsh environments, with the Mudmaster dedicated to people specifically working in extreme environments scattered with rubble, dirt and debris. The Mudmaster has previously been available as a battery powered GG-B100 model, or as a Solar-powered Multiband-6  GWG-1000. The latter model is now updated to make it thinner, lighter and even stronger.


Functionally, not much has changed from the previous model. The Mudmaster is still packed with impressive features such as pressure sensor (barometer and altimeter), magnetism sensor, compass, accelerometer and thermometer. This is all on top of the more basic time-keeping functions which include auto calendar, daily alarms, countdown timer, stopwatch, sunrise and sunset times and world time. The Multiband 6 receives standard radio time waves to ensure timekeeping is regularly updated up to six times a day.

The main changes seen in this iteration of the Mudmaster are in the case. The module is housed in a patented Carbon Core Guard structure – with the resin case reinforced with carbon fiber to add both strength and lightness. The external bezel and lugs are also made from forged carbon fiber, with newly developed buttons adding further toughness while still being mud and dust resistant. The result of these changes is a lighter, tougher watch that is also now almost two millimeters thinner than its predecessor, coming in at 16.1mm in height (1.9mm thinner than its predecessor).

Three new models of the new GWG2000 will be available for purchase in November.  The GWG2000-1A1 has a stainless-steel bezel with black resin band. The GWG2000-1A3 has similar bezel but a few more colored accents on the dial and resin, and paired with an olive-green resin band. The final variant is the GWG2000-1A5 with black stainless steel bezel and khaki resin band. All three are priced at $800. G-Shock.

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