June 8, 2023
Get Ready for Summer with the VERO x ADPT Workhorse Limited Edition
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The VERO Workhorse chronograph is a watch that can stop people in their tracks. A thoroughly modern concept, it is unabashedly its own thing. A watch that was not created to satisfy trends, but rather offer a totally different perspective, with a 44.5mm cylindrical mid-case coated in a ceramic layer for an unexpected element of color, which is shielded by wire “bull horns,” adding a quirky but purposeful element. The dial features a rotating internal bezel, controlled by an oversized crown off the case at two, and is a sculptural terrain with a minimalist sensibility. Power by a smooth-sweeping Miyota 6S21 quartz chronograph, it’s a fun, functional, and uniquely styled timepiece.

And, the second we saw it, we knew we had to create an ADPT collaboration, as the Workhorse is definitely an All Day, Purpose, and Terrain timepiece. Introducing the VERO x ADPT Workhorse Limited Edition, available now from the Windup Watch Shop

VERO and ADPT have a lot of similarities in terms of brand philosophies, so collaboration was a natural process. Both are inspired by an outdoor lifestyle and the gear that accompanies it. Both enjoy color, though used in slightly different manners. And neither are afraid of doing something different and fun, if perhaps a bit peculiar.

So, we took the Workhorse and ADPTified it by taking the excellent format, which allows for a tremendous use of color… and, well, not really holding back. The goal was to be bright, punchy, and different. A watch that would bring a smile to your face every time you looked down at your wrist, but not at the expense of legibility.

What we ended up with is akin to a pool party. A refreshing blast of fabricated colors that beg to be outside, in the sun, or, as the opportunity arises, in some water. The dial features a medium aqua base tone that just slightly veers into blue territory. Crisp white acts as the secondary color for a pleasant contrast that maintains a brighter overall palette, and is found on the internal bezel, 60-minute counter, and hour numerals. Vivid fuschia pink acts as the highlight color, creating accents on both white and aqua surfaces.

The hour and minute hands are rendered in a slightly lighter, contrasting aqua color, which stands off, yet complements the dial surface. The wedge-shaped sub-dial hands are in white and fuschia for the active seconds and 60-minute counter, respectively. For a shock of contrast, the chronograph-seconds hand is a lone bright yellow element within the dial. At a glance, it can’t be missed, whether in motion or still. Yet, despite its almost high contrast, it balances with the other colors for a fun, playful overall palette.

While the dial is a festive array of tones, the case takes the watch’s personality to another level. One of the unique aspects of the ceramic coating (Cerakote) on the exterior of the case is that it’s a wet application. As such, we were able to not just use a gorgeous aqua tone that almost perfectly matches the dial, we were able to give a spritz of white. Applied in such a way to create random flecking, no two versions of the VERO x ADPT Workhorse are exactly the same.

Protecting and emphasizing this awesome exterior are wire bullhorns in bright yellow, matching the chrono-seconds hand, bracketing the dial with a punch of color. Keeping in the cool color range, the pushers are two different shades. At four, the start/stop pusher comes close to matching the case and dial, while at ten, a darker teal is used for the reset. Two massive brushed steel crowns can be found at nine and two for adjusting the time and the internal bezel respectively. Lastly, there are brushed steel lugs with a 20mm width found on either side, which almost disappear given the bold tones of the case and dial.

For the strap, we decided to take VERO’s excellent nylon and velcro design and, rather than add another color into the mix, leave it stark white, with black accents. The white nylon acts as a neutral backdrop, while also making the white elements of the dial stand out just a bit more. Of course, with the 20mm lugs, any color of the ADPT US-Made Mil-Straps and Single Pass straps will fit, though our personal favorite combinations are with Mai Tai, and Sage.

Measuring 44.5mm x 49.5mm x 15.5mm, the VERO x ADPT Workhorse has a striking presence on the wrist, yet wears comfortably, thanks to the cylindrical design and understated lugs. The bright, flecked aqua case definitely stands out in a crowd but doesn’t look obnoxious either. A conversation starter, perhaps. The cool colors are soothing, while the pops of fuschia and yellow add some texture. A great watch for short sleeves on hot days.

The VERO x ADPT Workhorse is limited to 100 units worldwide and is available now for $499, shipping by end of July.

Photography by Kat Shoulders

in partnership with
June 8, 2023