H. Moser Collaborates with MB&F for Only Watch Stunner Pandamonium Streamliner

Earlier this summer, Only Watch revealed their 2023 collection of watches set to be auctioned later this year in Geneva to raise funds for research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and neuromuscular diseases. Participating brands from across the industry create unique, on-off watches (or clocks), some of which you can read about right here, and a few even took the opportunity to collaborate. While most of the watches were revealed, a few brands play things a little closer to the vest. One such collaboration was revealed this week during Geneva Watch Days, with Maximilian Büsser and Edouard Meylan introducing the H. Moser x MB&F Streamliner Pandamonium. 

These two brands have a history working together, and tout a creative relationship that has given us co-signed watches in the past within MB&F’s Legacy Machine collection, and H. Moser’s Endeavour collection. Their latest effort builds on themes we’ve seen them explore in the past, done in entirely new ways, within the H. Moser Streamliner. The watch is called the Streamliner Pandamonium, and it features a unique, one-off movement that sets a minute repeater around MB&F’s flying buttress, with the hammers of the chiming mechanism being ‘operated’ by a small, hand-crafted panda DJ figure.


You can also get a read on the time via the hands set around the 2 o’clock position, similar to the execution on the LM101 done with H. Moser. The case is rendered in steel for its resonating qualities, and is sized at 42mm in diameter, with the lovely integrated Streamliner bracelet. You can see our thoughts on this platform here, and here

The panda is a symbol of a child’s dream that’s been used by MB&F before within an HM4 created for Only Watch back in 2011. The figure returns here with a pair of headphones and a set of records to spin atop the pivot points of the hammers. The panda itself is made of white gold, and stands 5.35mm in height, which includes its stand. It’s a remarkable sight under the domed crystal, situated alongside the floating balance wheel. The theme comes through quite clearly set against a blue fume dial, a signature feature of H. Moser watches. 

It’s worth noting that H. Moser and MB&F went through a great deal of development to create a movement that will be used for exactly one watch. This is exactly what Only Watch is meant to inspire, and the pre-auction estimate for this watch of CHF 300,00 – 400,000 is likely quite conservative. Unfortunately, the watch was not at Geneva Watch Days, as it will begin its tour with the rest of the 2023 collection in cities across the world, but we will get eyes on it when it comes to New York later this year before heading to the auction itself, which is set to take place the 5th of November. 

Learn more about Only Watch, and view the entire 2023 collection of watches set to be sold at the Only Watch website.

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