H. Moser Introduces a Skeletonized Streamliner Tourbillon in Steel

Just in time for Watches & Wonders 2024, H. Moser & Cie. has unveiled the Streamliner Tourbillon Skeleton Double Hairspring. In other words? Moser has produced a dramatically skeletonized flying tourbillon movement with their signature double hairspring, and they’ve put it in a Streamliner.

It’s been a few years now since H. Moser & Cie. released the very first Streamliner, and there can be no doubt that in a very short time, that watch has come to represent the brand in a very real way. Since the launch of the H. Moser & Cie. Streamliner Flyback Chronograph four years ago, Moser’s somewhat quirky entry into the integrated bracelet market has seen a steady stream of new releases and added complication, and today sees yet another new execution.

This isn’t one of those new releases that shows us a bunch of things we’ve never seen before, but rather draws from several disparate threads that have been floating around the Moser universe and ties them together into a single, compelling package.

The Streamliner Tourbillon Skeleton builds on the premise of the Streamliner Tourbillon Vantablack that Zach reviewed back in 2022. But where that watch hid its movement behind literally as black a dial as you can possibly find, this year’s release goes in another direction, one more in line with another 2022 Moser release, the Pioneer Cylindrical Tourbillon. What results is a watch that is exactly what you might expect, given the name on the tin.

The Streamliner Tourbillon Skeleton uses what seems to be the same 40mm, 12.1mm thick case as the rose gold Streamliner Tourbillon Vantablack, though this time the watch is executed in steel. Possibly the most interesting detail of this release, at least for tourbillon enthusiasts, is this is the first time we have seen a Streamliner Tourbillon that is neither precious metal nor gem set.

The watch is powered by the Caliber 814 movement which, though it bears a similar architecture and style of skeletonization as the movement in the Pioneer Cylindrical Tourbillon, is a modified version of the self-winding Caliber 804 found in the rose gold watch from 2022. The movement is thoroughly skeletonized, with everything from the anthracite-finished plates to the mainspring barrel stripped of as much material as possible. This is, quite literally, as little Streamliner as you can get and still have a watch (well, at least without dropping to 39mm, but you get the point).

Despite the skeletonized dial, the watch seems remarkably legible, at least in the images provided, with contrasting rose gold hands and markers appearing to float above the movement. 

The Streamliner Tourbillon Skeleton will be available from the H. Moser & Cie. authorized retail network and is priced at $86,900 USD. H. Moser

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