Hamilton Enters the Matrix with the PSR MTX

If you’re a movie lover of the generation that was able to catch the original Matrix film in theaters and get caught up in the hysteria that followed, and frankly wouldn’t begin to die down until the second and third installments began to cool expectations, this is an exciting time. We’re only days away from what has to be one of the most unlikely continuations of a film franchise in modern cinema history, when Matrix Resurrections hits theaters. Though admittedly skeptical at first (was anyone really asking for a new Matrix movie?), when the trailer dropped in September, our interest was definitely piqued. Now, with the new film imminent, Hamilton has announced a limited edition version of their popular PSR watch to coincide with the release.


Hamilton watches have a long history of being found in movies, so it’s really no surprise to see one turn up in what is expected to be one of the biggest films of the year. The choice of the PSR seems particularly apt for a Matrix tie-in, however, given the techy vibe of the watch and central conceit of the movie, that humans only exist within an elaborate simulated environment. The original Hamilton Pulsar (the inspiration for the PSR) was introduced in 1970, and is credited as being the world’s first digital watch. The unusual case shape of the original is straight out of the 70s with a great retro vibe, and has been ported to the new versions, which made their debut in March of last year.

The new watch, dubbed the PSR MTX, makes some small adjustments to last year’s models to match the aesthetic of the Matrix films. The most obvious change is that the LCD numerals have been shifted from red to green to match the color of the iconic code seen throughout the movies as well as the original film’s title card. The caseback also features the “digital rain” pattern that will be familiar to anyone who has seen the originals, and the stainless steel case has been given a black PVD coating. Neo and Trinity were never much for bright, primary colors, after all. 

The PSR case measures 40.8 x 34.7mm and has a case height of 13.3mm. It’s surprisingly wearable even with a fairly wide stance (the lug width is 24mm) and offers a genuinely different look than many comparable digital watches that have resurfaced over the last few years. The dial uses a hybrid LCD/OLED display that displays the time constantly with minimal battery drain – the original Pulsar watches had a button on the caseband that would illuminate the display temporarily when you needed to check the time. The PSR is a great mix of nostalgia for the past with some small tweaks using modern technology to satisfy contemporary collectors. The Matrix design cues here are also just a lot of fun for fans of the movies. 

The new PSR MTX is limited to 1,999 pieces (in honor of the year of the original film’s premier) and carries a retail price of $995. Hamilton

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