Hands-On: The Eucalyptus Green Ressence Type 3 EE

The Ressence Type 3 collection welcomes a new member this week with the introduction of the serene Type 3 EE. The brand continues to work in subtle and interesting green hues, following up on the sage Type 8S (reviewed here) with this rich eucalyptus green dial. It’s a slightly unconventional execution within the more dramatic Type 3 collection, which we’ve only seen rendered in black and soft white up to this point. In person, the green is a perfect companion to the Type 3’s primary accent colors and rotating dial sets. Given the case it’s set within, that green is given an oil filled canvas for maximum impact. 

The Type 3 is one of two oil filled Ressence watches, along with the “world-proof” dive watch, the Type 5. The effect is remarkable in person, and one that I’ve always found core to the Ressence experience. The Type 3 EE features the eucalyptus green on both the font and back panel of the watch (hence the EE), and comes through brilliantly, as though it were painted directly on the crystal, thanks to the oil filled dial. The color is subtle but rich, somehow, and the colors used for the various displays have been desaturated enough to hit the same value scale as the green itself, so as not to create a distracting level of contrast.


The Type 3 is on the maximalist side of Ressence, boasting the oil temperature gauge, a dial for the day of the week, and the date itself, on top of the hours, minutes, and seconds, of course. It all leads to a rather dramatic concerto of action on the dial with the rotating ROCS – Ressence Orbital Convex System working away underneath. Setting everything takes a little more effort than your typical crown, but it’s also a much more interactive experience, requiring a delicate dance with the caseback. 

Like many Ressence watches, the measurements on paper don’t exactly paint the full picture. The Type 3 is a 44mm watch, but there’s not much case here to speak of. It’s more like a frame holding the pebble shape cavities on top and bottom together. Plus, there’s no crown here. It certainly doesn’t feel like a small watch, but it’s far more manageable on wrist than you might imagine. That said, I’d say this one is still firmly in that 4th watch category. 

That’s not to say this isn’t a practical watch. While it may be unorthodox, with a little time it becomes a very organic way to read the time. That’s all part of the experience here, the art of it is in service to the functionality, and it remains one of the most unique displays of time set to the wrist available today. The application of colors such as this and the Sage seen on the Type 8S hopefully provides a look at where things are heading at Ressence, as many of their base platforms offer ample opportunity to explore interesting colorways and even patterns, if their Only Watch for 2023 is any indication. 

The Type 3 EE is not a limited edition watch, joining the collection as a regular production piece. The price is the same CHF 38,200, as this is the most complicated watch made by the brand, comprised of 376 components. Ressence.

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