Holiday Roundup 2020 Edition

We’re nearly there, watch fam. 2020 has been one for the record books and as we look forward to a brighter 2021, it’s time we pause and take stock of some Christmas related stories on our way out. Oh, you didn’t think Christmas themed watches were a thing? Well, strap in because we’ve got a pair of lookers in store for you. As a bonus, we’re bringing back one of our favorites that clears up some plot holes in everyone’s favorite Christmas film, Die Hard.

Konstantin Chaykin Santa 2021 Special Edition 

Sometimes you just need to lean into silly themes, and if there’s a watchmaker that knows how to do just that, it’s Konstantin Chaykin. This season, the Russian watchmaker revealed a Santa themed variant on his famous Joker watch platform. There’s a beard, a red nose, glasses, and even a hat. The design uses the familiar wandering eyes as regulator hours and minutes, and a wide smile incorporating a moonphase complication. The result is an impressive bit of mechanical artistry built on a modified ETA 2824 base. If you need nothing less than Santa staring back at you when you check the time, here’s your ticket.


It looks like Santa’s had a rough go of it this year as well with the SWATCH HoHoOuch. This translucent Swatch watch paints a grisly picture of Santa landing square on the center of the dial, face down, sending cracks to the dial’s edge. Sure, it obscures much of the hour and minute hands, but it’s a worthy price to pay for something so seasonally appropriate in a year like 2020. Plus, it’s just over $100.

The unexpected role of TAG Heuer in Die Hard

As you make your way through your list of holiday movies and inevitably arrive at Die Hard, which is presumably very near the top, you may notice a few niggles in the plot. Heresy, you say? Well, turns out there is one detail that didn’t make it past the editing room that would have made the plot all the more air tight. The missing component was a scene featuring some TAG Heuer watches worn by the baddies, because off course it did. Catch up on this story from Ilya right here.

Nick Offerman’s ‘Yule Log’

Chances are you may be spending the holiday alone. Worse still, maybe you just aren’t jiving with your family this year. Whatever your sitch, Nick Offerman and Lagavulin have you covered with some simple, peaceful company. The best kind of company. Like Ron Swanson’s favorite barber, not a word will be spoken. Settle in with a glass of your favorite whiskey and enjoy your Christmas with Nick Offerman.

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