Hublot Brings Back the ‘80 With Return to Their Classic Fusion Original

Hublot kicked off LVMH Watch Week with the reveal of a new collection of Classic Fusion Original watches that stay true to the original ethos. These watches make just as big a statement today as they did back in the ‘80s, and I suspect they will fall into love it or hate it territory for many. The new collection spans three different colorways, and features three different sizes, ensuring a Classic Fusion for every taste out there. As they say, fashion is cyclical, and this is one aesthetic that’s coming back in a big way. While Hublot also has plenty going on in their more bombastic Big Bang collection (more on those later), the Classic Fusion offers striking clarity to the brand’s original modus operandi in a wholly original way. 

The idea of the original Fusion was simple, yet groundbreaking in its own way: pairing luxurious precious metal cases with straps made of non-luxurious rubber, hence the name Fusion. It was a jarring combination at the time, and while not nearly as radical today, it’s the rest of the style that makes the watch so compelling, whether you enjoy it or not. Say what you will about the port-hole case design and where its inspirations come from, which is all fair game, this watch is instantly recognizable as a Hublot Fusion from across the room, and that says something about the execution of this design. It’s derivative, as many things are, but done in an entirely original manner.


The fusion of high and low materials is meant to be the focal point of these watches, and as a result, the dial is kept nearly entirely sterile, with only the Hublot branding at the top, and a lonely date window at 3 o’clock. No hour markers, minute hashes, or sub dials in sight. Just acres of polished black lacquer. Ironically, the hand set, and the counterweight of the seconds hand, which is itself another rendering of the Hublot logo, end up drawing quite a bit of attention, and in an age where rubber (or some form of) straps on high-end precious metal watches are commonplace, the real draw of the design comes down to that very dial and handset. It’s striking, bordering on offensive, but strangely appealing. Like the old couple purchasing the painting of Kramer on the show Seinfeld.

Hublot is offering the Classic Fusion Original in three case materials, each offered in three sizes. The original yellow gold remains, and is joined by a black ceramic option, and a titanium option. The cases are sized in 33, 38, and 42mm, giving everyone, or every wrist, an equal chance to enjoy the watch. Hublot is using the MHUB1110 automatic movement, which is their Sellita SW300 variant. The prices for the titanium models range from $6,500 (33mm), to $7,900 (38mm), to $8,200 (42mm); for the black ceramic models from $7,300 (33mm), to $8,500 (38mm), to $10,000 (42mm); and for the yellow gold models from $17,800 (33mm), to $20,500 (38mm), to $24,100 (42mm). 

Keep an eye out for our hands-on thoughts on these watches coming soon and let us know what you think of this style making a comeback in the comment below. More from Hublot.

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