Initial Impressions: Christopher Ward C8 Pilot MK II – Vintage Edition


*Check out our full review of the Christopher Ward C8 Pilot here .

The folks at Christopher Ward were nice enough to send Zach and I a review unit of their soon to be released C8 Pilot MK II Vintage Edition.  After spending a few days with the watch, I thought I would share my initial impressions.  The presentation of the C8 is really outstanding.  It is accompanied by a hand signed letter congratulating you on your purchase, which includes a couple quick tips on the functions of the watch.   The C8 also comes with a Christopher Ward branded microfiber cloth, a really nice touch in my opinion.  The package the C8 comes in is simple and sturdy dark brown leather box, with a light cream interior.  While I tend not to hold onto the boxes my watches come in, this one is certainly attractive and sturdy enough to keep around and on your dresser of need be.

The C8 itself is immediately striking.  As I hope you can see from the pictures we’ve included, the C8 Pilot is very attractive and well balanced aesthetically. The face of the watch is legible, featuring classic pilot markings that are  simply and elegantly implemented, while touches of polished steel at the 12 marker and around the date window provide some luster.  The Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement is visible through a small window on the case back. The case itself is a very attractive matte stainless steel, and the pull-out crown has a nice feel to it.  The strap included with the Vintage edition is a light brown leather with a stainless steel deployment clasp.  Together, the the strap, face and case have a very nice balance, driving home the vintage aesthetic.   All told, at first glance the C8 Pilot appears to be a very well constructed watch with refined, thoughtful design.

I’m loving my time with the C8 Pilot, and looking forward to providing a full review in a couple weeks.  Till then, enjoy these few pictures, and check out some of wornandwound’s other reviews.

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