Initial Impressions: Maratac Pilot Watch


We’ve talked a lot about the Maratac Pilot watch on worn&wound. It features a Miyota 8245 21 jewel automatic movement, domed sapphire crystal, great looks and sells for just $200. Let me say that again, its sells for just $200. That’s an unreal price for a watch with this styling and components, so it wasn’t too hard to convince myself to pick one up.

*Check out our full review of the Maratac Pilot watch here.

The Maratac Pilot comes in a simple “watch taco” case with a black Maratac mil-series strap. The watch taco is actually quite nice, with a nylon shell, rigid construction and soft interior. This is a great bonus item to receive with the watch, and I have used it several times when traveling. The strap received is also very nice, which is consistent with my experience with other Maratac straps. It feels well constructed and features matte black hardware.

The Maratac itself meets and exceeds every expectation once you get it out of the packaging. While holding true to the traditional pilot aesthetic, everything about the Maratac’s styling is bold. On its expansive 46 mm case, the domed sapphire crystal allows the face of the Maratac to really pop. And with no logo or any other non-essential markings, the Maratac is easy to read. The oversized and offset onion crown is also a nice touch, breaking up the strict military styling and giving the Maratac some personality.

On the wrist, the Maratac wears rather well for its size. The case is curved in a way that the watch sits with a lower-than-expected profile, and the fact that the case is just 12.5 mm tall certainly helps. Most importantly, I just love the way the Maratac looks. As I hope you can see in the shots included, the Maratac is quite versatile, looking great on a variety of straps. This is the case with attire as well, fitting in with jeans and a t-shirt or work attire.

I am really excited to collect my thoughts on the Maratac and provide a more full review (with video) in a couple weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures, and, what the hell, pick up a Maratac. They’re just $200!

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