Introducing the EDC Watch Fold by worn&wound

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The worn&wound 2 Watch Fold has become a staple of our collection of American-made watch carrying cases over the last few years. An original worn&wound design, it’s a compact alternative to our trusty Watch Rolls, holding up to two watches, but in a form factor that often only carries one. Well, today we’re excited to announce a whole new version of this design: the EDC Watch Fold.

The EDC Watch Fold goes well with cold beer and summer days.

Where the original was inspired by classic outerwear, the EDC Watch Fold is inspired by modern outdoor and EDC gear. Redesigned from the ground up, the EDC Watch Fold is made with a 1000D Nylon fabric shell, providing a tough exterior that will hold up in your bag, in the dirt, on your desk, or wherever else it might land. The interior then consists of more 1000D in high contrast color, and neoprene pockets. But despite the redesign, it works with the same clever concept. Just alternate the direction of the watches inside, and the whole thing will close up nice and compact.

The neoprene pulls triple duty in this design. First, it’s natural elasticity allows for watches or other items to be held securely within. It also expands to an impressive degree, allowing not only watches to slip in with ease, but also bigger items like sunglasses and multitools. Second, its supple and dense texture acts as a cushioned layer, protecting what’s within. Lastly, it’s soft to the touch, making sure crystals and the like don’t get scuffed up.




Hold two watches by alternating their directions…
…or hold a watch and some gear.

Finally, to keep the EDC Watch Fold closed we have a combo of 550 Paracord and toggle. This super-strong and super-secure closure mechanism makes sure the EDC Watch Fold never opens by accident, and your watches and gear stay safe. It’s also super simple to use. Just depress the button on the toggle and either pull away from the Fold to allow it to open, or towards it to tighten the Paracord loop.

550 Paracord and plastic toggle for secure closure.

For our first batch of EDC Watch Folds, we have two timeless color ways. First, we have olive green with burnt orange accents and gray pockets. Outdoorsy and classic, this combo will look great in your hiking pack or your sock drawer.




Green, gray and orange–you can’t go wrong.
The neoprene expands to hold items thicker than your average watch.
Casual, classic style updated.

Second, we have black with bright blue accents and black pockets. Sleek and tactical, the bright blue interior and patterned Paracord give it a slightly aquatic character. Throw some dive watches in here and drop it in your briefcase. When you need to grab it later, the blue highlights will make it easy to find.

Black with a hint of blue.
Slips in with ease.
Throw it in your bag.

And there you have it; the EDC Watch Fold, which we’re proud to say is made in America, right in our hometown of NYC. To pick one up, head to They’re in stock now and available for $70.

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