Introducing the ETCH Clock, a Unique Take on a Digital Display

It’s probably safe to say that most of us, if not all, have had a digital clock in our homes at some point in our lives. The utility is undeniable, but the aesthetics often leave something to be desired. Enter the ETCH Clock, a digital display clock from Swiss design firm 42foundry that’s unlike any other.

etch-clock-2At first glance, the ETCH Clock doesn’t look like anything but a piece of static home decor, with an aluminum frame encasing what appears to be a simple square with a gray surface mimicking stone. However, that square is actually a thermo-elastic membrane that every so often molds to form tiny digital characters that tell the time. The site isn’t exactly clear how it works (the tech is patent pending), but it’s nevertheless very cool.

The ETCH Clock measures 40 x 40cm, weighs approximately 6kg, and can either be left on a desk or mounted to a wall. An accompanying mobile App (available on iOS and Android) lets you choose between two ways of displaying the time. The first, “Sync & Go,” will show the time every 30 seconds, and the second, “Sync & Sensor” will show the time every 30 seconds only if it senses noise.

The ETCH Clock is currently available. It’s a great way to accent the home, but it doesn’t come cheap at CHF 1,400. To get yours, visit

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