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Leather Mil-Straps have been a part of the Worn & Wound collection of watch straps since we first launched our shop back in 2012. A must-have for any collector of tool and military watches, the leather Mil-Strap is based on the famous British Navy strap design, most commonly seen in nylon, but rendered here in rugged leather.

Today, we’re excited to announce our newest iteration, the Mil-Strap Classic. For this new version we went with our go-to leathers for unlined straps from Wickett & Craig of Pennsylvania. These rich, gorgeous leathers are 100% veg-tanned using traditional methods, resulting in long-lasting leathers with deep colors and a supple feel. We then paired them with the American-made 316L steel hardware we developed for our ADPT Straps, making the new Mil-Straps fully American-made.

Black, Mahogany, AMber

The Mil-Strap Classic will be initially available in Amber, Black and Mahogany in 20 + 22mm for $75. Head to to pick one up now.

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