Introducing New High Craft – Vintage and Single Pass Classic Colors

This is it, we promise! Our final product release of 2016 (I think). It’s been a hell of a year for our humble shop, starting with the release of our Model 2 Classics and Premiums, two great everyday, affordable American-made straps that look fantastic on every watch, followed by our new high-end, High Craft – Vintage series, for which we pulled out the stops to make something luxurious and refined for the finest timepieces. Then we changed directions a bit and came out with our unique, original and highly popular Strap-Changing Multi-Tool, the only strap changing tool you need. In the last couple of months, we unveiled a handful of new colors for our Model 2s, as well as our sumptuous Herringbone Harris Tweed Rolls and Folds, two of our finest travel cases to date. Finally, in the last month we brought out a new colorway of our iconic waxed canvas watch roll in Brown canvas and Olive chamois leather, and our very first general men’s accessory, the Classic Belt, made of rugged Wickett & Craig leather.


To end the year, we’re adding a few more colors to two of our existing lines; the High Craft – Vintages and Single Pass Classics. Starting with the High Crafts, we’re adding Navy Chromexcel and Peanut Suede. Backed with natural lining, hand contoured and finished, these are two must-have colors (in our opinions at least), one clean and conservative, the other fun and full of character.


We love our blue straps here at w&w, so we knew we had to add one to our High Craft – Vintage line. There’s just something about Navy chromexcel that makes for a great strap. It’s a dark blue, obviously, but it has warm brown tones as well, making it subtle and a great alternative to either black or brown, with out adding too much color to your wrist. For this strap, we kept it clean and classic with matching navy edges and keeper, and off-white stitching. Available now in 18, 20 and 22mm, pick one up here.

Peanut Suede

This is a new color for us that we’re really excited about. Following in the footsteps of our Sage and Saffron Suedes, Peanut brings us a classic mid-brown with a tarnished gold color and an irresistible rough texture that only a long nap suede can provide. For the edges and stitch, we went with dark brown for a bit of contrast, while for the keeper we used our Rye leather to bring out some of the warmth of the Peanut brown. This one is a must have that looks particularly striking with vintage dials and warm lume. Available now in 18, 20 and 22mm, pick one up here.

Moving on to our Single Pass Classics, we’re adding the rest of our classic colors to the line with Amber, Black and Wheat. Now, our Model 2 Classics, Classic Belts and Single Pass Classics all coordinate. These new colors are available now, along with Mahogany, in 18, 20 and 22mm for $65, pick one up here.

And that’s that for 2016. Now, I wish I could tell you what we have in store for 2017, but we have to leave some surprises for the new year… rest assured, we’re going to be dropping some products that are going to leave your jaws on the floor. Until then, Happy Holidays and good shopping!

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