Introducing the Oris Aquis Clipperton Limited Edition

Oris has a proven track record of supporting efforts to conserve and restore the world’s oceans, efforts often commemorated through Limited Edition watches. In the last year, we detailed their work with the Coral Restoration Foundation and the beautiful Aquis Staghorn LE that accompanied that project. Today, we’re taking a look at their newest project, the Aquis Clipperton Limited Edition.

If you’re like me, you’ve never heard of Clipperton Island, which is not surprising as it’s the world’s most isolated landmass. The uninhabited coral atoll sits 683.5 miles off of the tip of the Baja Peninsula, 587 miles from the next nearest landmass. It’s a strange looking 2.3 square mile island with the distinct ring-shape of an atoll, and a freshwater lagoon at its center. While aerial shots of Clipperton make it look like an idyllic spot to wash up when lost at sea, it’s actually threatened by pollution and illegal fishing.


Earlier this year, Oris sponsored “The Clipperton Expedition,” a citizen-science expedition led by N2Pix meant to raise awareness of the remote atoll. Watch journalist James Stacey had the rare opportunity to join them on the arduous 16-day journey, his account of which I highly recommend you read here. Needless to say, the amount of pollution on the atoll is startling—horrifying actually. To quote Stacey, “In some parts, the garbage was so prolific that it made up a large portion of the ground cover. Birds nested in piles of old flip flops, crabs huddled under plastic water bottles, tiny colonies making due in the detritus of a faraway land.”

Clipperton is an example of just how far reaching and extensive pollution has become. To try to combat this and protect the atoll, in the last year the French (who own Clipperton) created a 12-nautical mile Marine Protected Area around the atoll, with the goal of expanding that to 100-nautical miles as well as securing UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

For their part, Oris sponsored the expedition to Clipperton and have created the LE Aquis Clipperton dive watch to commemorate it as well as raise funds for upcoming initiatives. The watch itself is based on the Aquis Date model with a 43.5mm steel case, powered by the Oris Cal. 733 (Sellita SW 200-1). A unique, modern dive watch, the Aquis is a bit under-appreciated in the current market. They wear surprisingly well, with a case that has a slightly conical shape tapering toward the crystal, and feature a respectable 300m depth rating.

To distinguish the Clipperton, Oris created a gradient dial that is sunray blue at the center, darkening to deep black along the edge. It’s a beautiful treatment that shifts in dynamic ways in the light. Additionally, the case back has been decorated with an embossing of Clipperton along with its coordinates. Lastly, the watch is accompanied by a special presentation box that is made using 30% algae, in an effort to create more sustainable packaging.

The Oris Aquis Clipperton is limited to 2,000 pieces and is available for $2,000 on a rubber strap and $2,200 on a bracelet. For more info, head to

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