March 12, 2024
Introducing the ADPT Series 1 Dual-Time Watches – Powered by the Seiko NH34
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The ADPT (All Day, Purpose, and Terrain – pronounced “adapt”) Series 1 watches launched in 2022 marked ADPT’s first excursion into watches. Made in collaboration with BOLDR Supply Co. and based on their fantastic “Venture” model, the goal of the Series 1 was simply to make a fun but functional modern sports watch inspired by outdoor gear. Bold, bright colors and an abundance of texture, combined with a rugged case, came together to express what an ADPT watch could be.

Today, ADPT is excited to announce the follow-up to the first watch, the ADPT Series 1 Dual-Time. A logical continuation of the original, the Series 1 Dual-Time adds functionality perfect for adventures near and far. Powered by the new Seiko NH34, the ADPT Series 1 Dual-Time is still mechanical and automatic but now has an additional independent 24-hour hand.

Though a seemingly simple addition, this new hand opens up a world (almost literally) of possibilities. The first is the most obvious: tracking time on a 24-hour scale by setting it to hometime. Duh. But, this has some advantages, such as quickly identifying if the watch is in AM/PM when setting it, as well as day or night (relative to 6 AM and 6 PM) when in, say, a cave or casino or somewhere else where the sky is not accessible. A clever person could also align the visual break on the bezel between light and dark with the actual time for sunset to keep an eye on the approaching night (convenient when cover is needed).

Another practical function is using the 24-hour hand as a compass. When set to local time, hold the watch flat in your hand and turn it so the 12-hour hand points towards the sun. The 24-hour hand will then be pointed in a northerly direction. Turn the bezel so the origin point aligns with the hand to mark it, and E, S, and W will fall into place.

The 24-hour hand is set independently, allowing easy tracking of a second timezone. A “caller” GMT complication, it’s convenient for those who want to keep a steady eye on the time elsewhere in the world. In these days of working from home and abroad, it’s a handy tool. Of course, when traveling, one can adjust the 12-hour hand to the new local time and then adjust the 24-hour hand back to their home time.

With one extra hand, the Series 1 Dual-Time becomes a veritable multi-tool, and that’s not even considering the rest of the watch. The Series 1 Dual-Time features a 38mm x 44mm x 13.6mm made of light and resilient titanium, which, despite its nimble size, still boasts an impressive 200m of water resistance. The modern design of the faceted case is emphasized by brushed and matte finishing and is capped by a sapphire crystal for even more toughness. A screw-down crown featuring the ADPT “A” logo is positioned at four to maximize comfort on the wrist.

Sitting on top of the case is a 38.5mm bezel- the slight amount of overhang makes grabbing it more accessible in the field. The Series 1 Dual-Time features a uni-directional bezel with a new insert to reflect the functionality of the design. The insert is fully indexed with numerals at intervals of five, save at the cardinal points, which are either directions (E, S, W) or markers. The anodized aluminum inserts are toned to indicate day/night with the split line offset inorder not to disrupt any markers.

The ADPT Series 1 Dual-Time features a visually striking dial design constructed with multiple layers, creating a bold and textured layout. The base surface, adorned with a stamped grid pattern, contributes the primary color to the dial and introduces a subtle play of light from different angles. Acting as a chapter ring and crosshair, the next layer, rendered in a contrasting color, balances the dial and incorporates minute, seconds, and 24-hour indices.

This layer frames the date window at six, seamlessly integrating it into the overall dial construction. Lume-filled markers on both surfaces enhance visibility, with round and triangular markers at key positions. The lowest level hosts a color-coordinated date wheel with custom numerals, maximizing space and visibility.

Above the dial, the ADPT Series 1 Dual-Time utilizes hour and minute hands in an oversized syringe style, allowing for substantial lume fill and needle-point precision for excellent readability. The hands are thoughtfully painted and finished to create a vibrant, multicolored effect that aids in visibility, as they also catch the light. The seconds hand features a slender stem with a pill-shaped lumed tip, contrasted by a rectangular counterweight. The new 24-hour hand features a simple triangular tip with lume fill at the end of a thin stem. Painted a single contrasting color, it stands out without distracting.

The ADPT Series 1 Dual-Time is available in two distinctive colorways: Aqua Berry and Mossy Shale. Aqua Berry mixes various blue and teal tones with a deep berry magenta chapter ring that provides a striking contrast. The gridded lower surface is pale blue with a metallic shimmer, on which sit applied lume-filled markers in anodized pink. The magenta chapter ring sits up another level, crossing the dial’s center and cutting it into quadrants while creating a striking composition. Applied markers are painted light blue for contrast, and a printed index that combines white lines for minutes and tangerine numerals with white dots for a 24-hour index.

At six is a date wheel framed by the berry chapter ring presented in dark teal and white. As with the first series 1, the date wheel features stacked numerals from 20 – 31 for increased legibility. The bezel insert is bisected, featuring dark teal on the top half for the night and light blue for the day. The multi-colored syringe hands return in half magenta, half polished metal with light pink tips. The seconds hand is dark teal and light blue, and the 24-hour hand is tangerine to coordinate with the 24-hour index. The Aqua Berry comes mounted to an ADPT US-Made Single Pass strap in Admiralty gray with a Sage keeper, playing off the cool tones.

Mossy Shale provides an earthier but no less exciting palette, combining gray and greens with blue and beige. The lower surface is a bright but pale green inspired by the moss and lichen found on trails. Applied markers in medium blue contrast but stay within a natural range for a subtle look. The cross-hair plate is painted stone gray and features pink applied markers at cardinal points. An unexpected color, it adds vibrancy to the overall palette. Additionally, there is a dark gray minute track and a 24-hour index with blue numerals and white dots. The date combines teal and light blue to flow with the lower applied markers.
The bezel is once again split, combining the medium gray of aluminum with a subtle golden beige. The milled index is filled with dark gray paint or lume. The hour and minute hands feature polished metal, beige, and teal tips, while the seconds hand is gray and pink, and the 24-hour hand is light blue. Mossy Shale is paired with a Forest green and Coyote ADPT US-Made Single Pass strap.

The ADPT Series 1 Dual-Time watches come packaged in the new ADPT River Stone carrying case, currently only available with the purchase of the watch. These semi-hard cases have been wrapped in rip-stop nylon and feature high-contrast zippers and logos for an exciting style that fits modern outdoor gear. Each includes an anodized aluminum carabiner, making the River Stone a more functional part of your EDC.

Priced at $499, available now and ready to ship, the ADPT Series 1 Dual-Time watches are a fun and functional extension to ADPT’s adventure-inspired line-up. With the addition of the 24-hour hand, they truly embody the idea of All Day, Purpose, and Terrain. The ADPT Series 1 Dual-Time Watches will be available immediately from, Long Island Watch, and WatchGang.

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March 12, 2024