November 9, 2021
Introducing the Autodromo x Worn & Wound Prototipo Limited Edition
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Autodromo hardly needs an introduction on Worn & Wound. One of the brands we’ve been writing about since the early days, their automotive-inspired watches have continually surprised and amazed us. From the Monoposto with its daring red-line crystal to the Group B and its edgy attitude, Autodromo’s watches have always pushed boundaries. Today, we’re excited to announce our third limited-edition collaboration with Autodromo, a very special watch celebrating our tenth anniversary.

Way back in 2014 Autodromo launched the Prototipo. A break from the style of their previous watches, these didn’t draw specifically from vehicle design, but rather from the heyday of racing chronographs. Featuring a barrel-case that comes in at 42mm x 48mm x 11.5mm thick, these were bold watches with a late ‘60s / early ‘70s flair that were beautifully finished with radial brushing and accented with contrasting pushers. Capping them off were sapphire crystals, a first for the brand at the time.

The dials were clean, almost minimal, and sporty, in a way that only Autodromo can pull off, bringing historic watches to mind without crossing the line into pastiche. And powering them were the still quite new Seiko Meca-Quartz movements – mixing quartz with a mechanical chronograph gear train, giving them the accuracy of the former with the feel and function of the latter. For a final touch, they always came mounted to rally straps. Back then and still now, the Prototipos were exciting watches with style to spare.

Now, in 2021, the Prototipo is coming back with the first version being our limited edition collaboration. Riffing off of our Group B Series 2 LE from 2019, the Prototipo LE features a sleek, ghosty, gray and blue palette. To start, the case has been rendered in gun-metal IP. Darker than steel, but far from black, the coating gives the barrel shape a smoked quality and brings out the gorgeous brushing on the top and side surfaces. The bevel that separates the top from the side, as well as the flat portion around the crystal, has been changed from polished to matte blasted, keeping the gray tones even.

The dial continues the theme with dark gray accented by white, black, and just a touch of blue. The surface is gun-metal, matching the case for a metal-on-metal style. It has also been given a light circular brushing, adding a subtle metallic glint. The index around the edge of the dial is printed in white, with blue accents at the hour.

Above the dial is the raised tachymeter/pulsometer in gloss black, with the latter scale filled in blue, as opposed to the typical red. The Prototipo handset follows suit with the hour, minutes, and seconds in gloss gun-metal, which looks nearly black. The chrono seconds, minute counter, and 24-hour hand pop off the dial in a bold blue tone.

Flipping the watch over you’ll find the elegantly curved case back of the Prototipo LE features the Worn & Wound 10th Anniversary logo, as well as the individual number of the watch. This is a logo we’re only using this year, further emphasizing this watch’s special place in our archive. Lastly, the watch has been mounted to a dark gray suede rally strap that perfectly complements the understated style of the watch. The elements all come together to create a Prototipo with a semi-modern look and an undeniable attitude.

The Worn & Wound 10th Anniversary Logo

A watch ten years in the making, we’re incredibly proud of the Autodromo x Worn & Wound Prototipo Limited Edition and are excited to launch it today. Limited to 150 pieces, the Prototipo LE is $625 and will begin shipping mid-December.

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Colourway is perfection - hope to see it revisited / applied to a different model someday
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November 9, 2021