Introducing the Hexa Q500


Hexa is young watch brand that made a fair amount of noise in the affordable watch world earlier in 2013 with the release of their 500-meter K500 diver. Hexa was founded with the goal of developing “purpose-built instruments that feature innovative and original design solutions” and with the K500 it appears that they delivered on that promise. Ranging in price from $624 to $799, the K500’s are certainly affordable, and their uniquely asymmetrical, rugged design give them a signature look.


Now, Hexa is back with the release of their second watch, the Q500, a more affordable quartz version of the original K500. What the brand is affectionately referring to as “a grab-and-go quartz tool diver” the Q500 offers the same case design found on the K500 at a decidedly more budget friendly price of $350 with custom Italian rubber dive strap and optional upgrade to 5 link bracelet. Also like the K500, the Q model is designed, built and tested in the US with 2-year manufacturers warranty by Lüm-Tec and 5 year battery.  Unique to the Q500 is a new grey-on-grey colorway in either a brushed or bead-blasted finish.


Where the K500 is built and designed with function and durability in mind, the Q500 takes things a step further and makes a strong case as the one watch you want to wear during your most treacherous adventures. The Q500 measures 44MM in diameter, 51MM lug to lug and 14.75MM tall, with a 3MM Sapphire Crystal and luminescence by Lüm-Tec, making it one seriously beefy watch. With the inclusion of a Miyota quartz movement, you know this watch can take a beating and keep serving you well.

$329 is a remarkably compelling price for a watch with these components, design and advertised quality. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on one in the not too distant future to let you know our  impressions. For more information on the Q500, K500 or the Hexa brand, head over to their website today.

By Blake Malin

Photos courtesy Hexa Watches

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