Introducing the Latest Collaboration From NASA and G-Shock

One of last year’s big hit watches was the all white NASA G-Shock, made in a limited edition, and featuring a fun image of planet earth in the backlight. That watch sold out extremely fast, so if you’ve been living with the regret of missing out over these last twelve months, news today of a new G-Shock x NASA watch should be quite welcome. This new DW5600 doesn’t exactly break any new ground, but changes things up just enough from last year’s model in a way that will likely pique the interest of collectors, and satisfy fans who would have liked to grab the original last year. 

The first big point of contrast between last year’s watch and the new one is the addition of black accents to this year’s version. Rather than a completely white watch, the new DW5600 seen here features a white dial surrounded by a black resin bezel and case, and a strap with complementary black accents as well. This watch is a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the first Space Shuttle mission, and the aesthetic is said to be derived from the OV-102 STS-1 shuttle and the mission it undertook on April 12, 1981. 

One of the big draws of last year’s NASA G-Shock was the prominent inclusion of the iconic NASA “worm” logo, and that’s present on the new watch as well. As an added bonus, G-Shock has tweaked the graphic that’s seen when the backlight is illuminated, which now shows an image of the Space Shuttle and the years “1981-2021,” which is a bit curious given that the shuttle program ended in 2011, but we understand what G-Shock was going for here. 

The DW5600 that this watch is based on likely needs no introduction at this point. It’s a core model within the G-Shock lineup and unlike many of the brand’s more technical watches is sized to be wearable and comfortable while still providing robustness expected from a G-Shock. So while this watch doesn’t include a feature like Bluetooth connectivity, it still provides 200 meters of water resistance, shock resistance, a stopwatch, multi-function alarm, and a countdown timer. At about 49mm x 43mm with a 13.4mm case height, it’s a large watch, but not unwearable by any means. 

The DW5600NASA21-1 is available for pre-order on G-Shock’s website, and is expected in stores later this month at select G-Shock retailers, including the G-Shock Soho Store in New York. The retail price is set at $140.

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