April 15, 2022
Introducing the Lorier X Worn & Wound Hydra II Limited Edition
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What is the appeal of a machine? Of the world made by human hands? Objects and places fabricated in cold metal and glass. Hard lines, sharp edges, faceted surfaces. Forms not found on the human body, yet meant to surround them, protect them, and work with them.

In contrast to ourselves, yet reflecting our desires, machines are human yet more than. Sheltering against elements, moving at tremendous speed, taking flight, tracking time. The objects we create do more than we are capable of, yet are designed by our own hands.

Objects meant to fulfill our needs in the now, yet that will survive much farther into the future. Objects of permanence meant for our temporary desires. Time capsules and time travelers, they will inform the future of the now through their forms, and the stories of their use. They are extensions of ourselves made to outlast ourselves.

The Lorier x Worn & Wound Hydra II Limited Edition is a watch stripped down to celebrate the desire to go beyond the limits of human capability. To move too fast, go too high, do what our fragile bodies were never capable of. It is inspired by machines that never go to market, but rather test ideas and break records.

The Hydra II LE appears as a prototype on the wrist. A unit created in a lab to test fit and function. Pre-color, pre-aesthetics, it’s raw, with just enough information to do what is needed. On the wrist, it shimmers with a kinetic desire to push limits.

Everything is brushed steel. From the 39mm x 47mm x 10.5mm case to the flat-link bracelet to the dial and internal bezel. Sleek, strong, and purposeful, it’s armor on the wrist. A machine of immense complexity belied by its small scale.

The dial features markings in dark gray to provide contrast for reading at-a-glance, with a date in dark gray on steel gray to not distract. Meanwhile, the internal bezel can be used to time events, and monitor other timezones, while a single red mark is used for setting one’s limits.

Within the chassis of the Hydra II LE is a Miyota 9015 automatic movement. An incredible machine, it is accurate and remarkably thin. Featuring an escapement that ticks at 28,800 beats per hour for a smoothly sweeping seconds hand. That it is powered by springs and gears is nothing short of incredible.

The Lorier x Worn & Wound Hydra II Limited Edition is the last watch that will feature the Worn & Wound 10th Anniversary logo on the back, finishing out watches launched during that year, making it an extra special collaboration for us. Limited to 150 pieces, the Hydra II Limited Edition is $499 and will be available for sale at 12pm ET, April 15th 2022.

Available exclusively at Windup Watch Shop.

Lifestyle photography by Mike Amezcua / @shiftpattern
Studio photography by Cassie Zhang

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April 15, 2022