Introducing the Nezumi Corbeau Chronograph Collection

Since bursting onto the scene a few years ago with a ‘70s-inspired racing chronograph dubbed the Voiture, Nezumi has churned out a slew of well-designed pieces that carry on the same classic vibe with just a touch of rock and roll. The Corbeau, Nezumi’s latest, is no different, taking some basic cues from the Voiture line and moving them into a more aggressive territory with three new variations.

The main case of the Corbeau series should seem familiar to those who’ve handled Nezumi timepices before. The main body of the case is a holdover from the original Voiture line, with its twisted-Omega-style lugs and 40-millimeter diameter (read our full review of the Voiture here for our in-depth opinions on this case).The overall feel of the case is more compact than its Voiture stablemate, but still unmistakably Nezumi. The Corbeau 3, with its black PVD treatment, takes the aesthetic a step further from its shared DNA, adding an almost tactical feel.


The coin-edge diver’s bezel on the Corbeau is a holdover from another Nezumi series, the Baleine diver, but the meshing of the two disparate elements works surprisingly well, creating something equal parts elegant and tool-watch functional.

Dial-wise, the Corbeau again shares a fair amount of parts with previous models, in this case the sub-dials from the Voiture (same movement, so no great surprise here) and the handset from the Loews two-register chronograph. These fat, lume-filled syringes are a better fit in the more rugged Corbeau than the almost dressy landscape of the Loews, and have a brand new main dial to complement them. Bold, easily legible Arabic numerals dominate all three colorways, giving both at-a-glance readability and a military seriousness to the proceedings.

Inside the Corbeau is another familiar element: Seiko’s excellent VK63 mecha-quartz hybrid movement. It’s the best of both worlds for a micro-brand chronograph; it has the feel and sweep of a mechanical movement and the reliability and cost of a quartz power plant.

Corbeau 1
Corbeau 2
Corbeau 3

Nezumi offers all three models of the Corbeau on a choice of three nylon straps: black, grey, and a deep tan Nezumi calls “burnt gold.” All three are versatile options, and with the Corbeau’s military/field-inspired look a nylon mil-strap is a natural fit. That said, this would also be a great candidate for brown leather or even a Bund.

The first series of Corbeaus are expected to ship this July, but Nezumi is currently offering a pre-order price of about $345 ($378 with VAT) to early buyers. Nezumi

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