Introducing the Nomos Orion 33 and 38 in Midnight Blue

Classy midnight blue and gold dials, minimalist Bauhaus design, an in-house movement, long luscious lugs, and killer casework starting at $1,920? That can only be a Nomos.

Nomos introduced the Orion in 1992 when the company was young, and the watch has been a cornerstone of their catalog ever since. These new midnight blue and gold models are either 33 or 38 millimeters across, both excellent dress-watch sizes. However, don’t let the number “33” mislead you; the Orion’s lugs are so long that this model will reach around even my seven-inch wrist for a natural fit. The 38 offers a similar fit, but with a wide-open dial for a more commanding presence.


The in-house, hand-wound movement allows the 33-millimeter Orion to measure just 7.6 millimeters tall, while the 38 is just 0.3 millimeters taller. These are exceptionally thin watches. These movements are stunning to view through a rear window, and both sizes are available with either an open case back or a solid one. When you lay your eyes on the bridges, rubies, and blued screws of the 2.6-millimeter thick Caliber Alpha, you are sure to go for the one with a rear crystal.

When I bought my blue and gold Bell & Ross Aeornavale, Ilya wrote to me, “Gold is the best match for blue dials,” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s an elegant color combo—the blue mellowing the gold, the gold helping the blue to pop—and this colorway has all sorts of cultural reference points dating back to an era when indigo dies and gold embroidery were a sign of royalty, up through the gold-buttoned blue blazers of Britain’s 19th Century rowing clubs, to modern-day Naval uniforms. Blue and gold, it seems, is only trumped by tuxedos and sequined dresses.

The 33-millimeter Orion ships on a velour leather beige strap that’s 17 millimeters across, and the 38 ships on a 19-millimeter black Shell Cordovan strap sourced from Chicago’s Horween tannery. Both look great, and in my experience with gold and blue watches, all kinds of strap colors work wonderfully, especially those on the warmer side, like ruddy browns and light tans.

As with a majority of Nomos’ offerings, the Orion only rates to 30 meters of water resistance, so it’s not going accompany you on any wet and wild adventures, but for those looking for a classy, versatile, dressy watch, it is nearly impossible to fault the Orion in either size.

By forgoing some of the playful touches of color Nomos in known for, these blue and gold Orions do feel more formal and festive than the other available colorways. As such, they may be the perfect accompaniment to your holiday attire, or perhaps you’ll be keeping one under wraps as a gift for that special person in your life.

Both the 33- and 38-millimeter blue and gold Orions are available now, and prices start at $1,920. Nomos

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