Introducing the Nomos Tangente Sport Limited Edition for Hodinkee

Hodinkee has announced their latest limited edition collaboration,  and it’s their second time partnering with Nomos. The Tangente Sport Limited Edition for Hodinkee brings back a cult favorite Nomos design, with a striking new dial and a modern look. Let’s take a closer look at this reintroduced Nomos classic.

Nomos Tangente Sport Limited Edition for Hodinkee 

  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Dial: Grey
  • Dimensions: 36.5 x 7.5mm 
  • Crystal: Sapphire   
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters 
  • Crown: Push/pull       
  • Movement: Alpha caliber 
  • Strap/bracelet: Stainless steel bracelet, woven textile strap
  • Price: $2450
  • Reference Number: 501.S6 
  • Expected Release: 10:00 AM today, in the Hodinkee Shop


The Tangente Sport was always a bit of an odd duck in the Nomos lineup. The brand, for years, skewed toward simple dress watches. The relatively recent influx of Nomos watches with increased water resistance, large and sporty cases, and even hard wearing bracelets isn’t at all where the brand was at in 2003, when the Tangente Sport was first produced. Back then, and through the product’s eventual demise in 2013, the Tangente Sport was really the only watch in the catalog that could be perceived as “sporty” at all, with lumed dial elements and increased water resistance. These small adjustments, though, to the key watch in the Nomos lineup, made it a favorite of those who wanted something just a tad more casual. With the later introduction of watches like the Club, Ahoi, and the Metro (which received the Hodinkee treatment back in 2016), the Tangente Sport became a little redundant, and it was unceremoniously dropped from the catalog.

But fans of the brand always remembered it fondly, and now Hodinkee and Nomos have resurrected it, in limited edition form, for 300 lucky customers. The star of the show with this watch (as it is, really, with any watch) is the dial. This Tangente has been given a dark grey “lacquered” dial, with the now familiar Arabic numerals and snailed subsidiary seconds register we’ve come to expect on this model. The color and overall treatment of the dial is an homage to the original Tangente Sport (which was also grey), but the Hodinkee version is quite a bit more dynamic. The earlier watch’s dial is nice enough, but relatively flat. The limited edition has an almost smoked effect that is quite dramatic, and far more visually interesting than its predecessor. Naturally, the small rectangular hour markers around dial’s perimeter are filled with lume, as are the hands, another nod to the original Tangente Sport.

The case of the limited edition Tangente Sport doesn’t betray the watch’s dressy roots. It’s 36.5mm, and only 7.5mm thick. That’s near “ultra thin” watch territory, and Nomos timepieces in this general size range have a Goldilocks quality of being just right for almost everyone, men and women alike. They are lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and finished in such a way that they literally go with everything, from a full suit to much more casual weekend wear. Unlike the standard Tangente, this limited edition has been cleared for 100 meters of water resistance. It’s no diver, of course, but you don’t have to baby this one while you’re washing dishes, either. Going just by size and feature set, you could easily classify the Tangente as a dress watch, but in practice it’s totally ready as a casual or daily wear option. 

As with the earlier limited edition Metro that Hodinkee and Nomos released, the hand wound Alpha caliber has been chronometer certified and hidden behind a stainless steel caseback with the limited edition number engraved into it. Some will no doubt be disappointed that the well decorated movement is not on display, but the lack of sapphire on the underside of the watch allows Nomos to keep the thickness down, making the wearing experience just slightly better.

The Tangente Sport Limited Edition is available today in the Hodinkee shop for $2,450. Each watch includes a woven textile strap, as well as the aforementioned and still relatively new Nomos bracelet, which gives the watch a truly sporty feel and look. Nomos

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