Introducing the Promenade, a New Collection from Czapek

Czapek & Cie. has been on a bit of a run, and they don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, at least if today’s new release is anything to go by. Czapek already had a hit on their hands this year with the release of the gold Antarctique at the end of last month, and now they are looking to plug what has been a serious hole in their lineup with the new Promenade collection.

Until today, if I had asked you to pick a straightforward three-hander in the Czapek catalog, your options would have been limited to variations of the Antarctique. That’s definitely not a bad thing, but the integrated bracelet thing isn’t for everyone. The Promenade bridges the gap between the Antarctique and the Quai des Bergues, offering the Antarctique’s micro-rotor SXH5 movement in a more traditional package for the first time.

While The Promenade may share its movement with the Antarctique, the case shape of the new collection is a clear evolution of the Quai des Bergues. The Promenade maintains a lot of the signature visual characteristics of the Quai des Bergues case, including the recessed case flanks, rounded crown guards, and contrasting sandblasted and polished finishing that set the Quai des Bergues apart. Of course, there are definite differences.


The Promenade has slimmer bezels, a refined lug architecture, and a sloped chapter ring that all contribute to a ‘slimmer’ look for the Promenade when held up to the Quai des Bergues. This contrast is reinforced by the Promenade’s genuinely compact size. Where the smallest Quai des Bergues (to my knowledge) measured in at 40.5mm, the Promenade is only 38mm in diameter.

Fitted with the Czapek SXH5.1 movement, a new variant of the SXH5 that drops the date display and center seconds hand of the standard caliber in favor of a small seconds display at 4:30, Czapek focused heavily on keeping the Promenade as thin as possible and, to that end, the Promenade is remarkably well proportioned, with its 38mm case measuring in at 10.8mm thick (whether or not that measurement includes the sapphire crystal is unclear), and a lug-to-lug of 42mm. This is a watch that I expect to feel thin on the wrist, and I am thrilled to see Czapek experimenting more with sub-40mm watches.

As one would expect from Czapek, the Promenade collection is launching with some excellent dial options. The first two of these use a newly developed sunray guilloché pattern, produced in partnership with Metalem. Available in blue (Guilloché Bleu Nuit) or ivory (Guilloché Ivoire), these “Soleil” dials are reminiscent of the AP Ref. 25643BA Sun Ray Tourbillons from the ‘80s and represent the production model in the collection, though they will be limited production.

Launching alongside the “Soleil” dials is the limited edition Promenade “Goutte d’Eau.” The limited edition of 100 is produced in partnership with Donzé Cadrans, who also helped bring the Czapek’s Hawaii-inspired collaboration with Collective Horology to life. Where that watch was inspired by the Hawaiian beaches, the sapphire blue grand feu enamel dial of the “Goutte d’Eau” is meant to evoke the ripples on the surface of a pond in the rain. If I’m being honest, it reminds me more of the glass of water in Jurassic Park. Either way, it’s beautiful, and I can’t wait to see it in person.

The Czapek Promenade collection is available for pre-order today, with deliveries beginning in the first half of 2025. The Promenade “Soleil” in Guilloché Bleu Nuit and Guilloché Ivoire is priced at $19,900, while the limited edition Promenade “Goutte d’Eau” is priced at $20,600. Czapek

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