Introducing the Sinn 1800 S Damaszener and U212 (EZM16)


Sinn is no doubt a favorite at worn&wound.  We were impressed with Sinn’s showing at Baselworld 2015, where they unveiled a number of basic models updating pre-existing lines within the brand’s catalogue, as well as two limited edition pieces. Today, Sinn is announcing two new exciting watches–one a familiar addition to the growing EZM (Einsatzzeitmesser, or Mission Timer) family, and the other a limited edition unlike anything ever before seen from the brand.

U212 (EZM 16)

In 2012 Sinn released the U212 SDR, a 47mm diver limited to 212 units. Built out of Tegimented German submarine steel and packed with EDR seals and Sinn’s Ar-Dehumidifying technology, the U212 was a huge hit. So much so, in fact, that Sinn brought it back in the form of another limited edition earlier this year at Baselworld. That watch–the U212 S E–was a tactical take on the model, this time finished in Sinn’s hardened PVD coating accented with tritium colored lume. The U212 S E was limited to 300 pieces.


This time around, Sinn is releasing a new edition of the U212–dubbed the U212 (EZM 16)–intended to be a mainstay within the brand’s catalogue. Aesthetically, the EZM 16 is nearly identical to its predecessors, with the main difference being the matching steel bezel. The EZM 16 will be available for purchase on a branded silicone rubber strap with a full size diver’s locking buckle for $2,740, with a matching 24mm steel bracelet, the first to fit the 212, to be available at a later date.

1800 S Damaszener

The second watch coming out of Sinn today is the 1800 S Damaszener, a limited edition of 100 pieces made entirely of Damascus steel. Damascus steel is a combination of at least two different types of steel. These varied alloys are layered and forge-welded, and then forged, halved, and layered again. The resulting surface is then etched and dissolved with acid, which ultimately creates the dark and light bands Damascus steel is known for.


The 1800 S Damaszener features a two-piece case with a dial integrated into the main case that is forged from a solid block of steel. Furthermore, the case is Tegimented and coated in Sinn’s Black Hard Coating, the latter of which emphasizes the banding pattern of the metal.

The 1800 S Damaszener comes in a wooden case with two leather straps, a spring bar tool, spare spring bars, a polishing cloth, and a watchmaker’s magnifying glass. The package will cost $7,360, and the first units are expected to ship at the end of December and continue into the New Year.

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