Introducing the Sinn U1 DE

Commemorating 30 years since the German reunification in October 1990 Sinn have launched the U1 DE, a limited edition of 300 pieces sporting Germany’s national colours – Black, Red and Gold. The U50 may be making waves as the new kid on the block, but the 44mm U1 remains one of Sinn’s most recongisable and well-loved models, and its certainly no stranger to a limited edition. 

In keeping with the anniversary of the reunification of Germany, Sinn also celebrates the relationship between itself, based on Frankfurt, formerly West Germany and case maker SUG (Sächsische Uhrentechnologie GmbH) based in Glashütte, formerly East Germany. SUG was formed in 1999 by Ronald Bolt in partnership with Walter Fricker and Sinn’s Lothar Schmidt, and now provide cases for most of Sinn’s watches.


Like many LEs, this one is distinguishable mostly by the colorway. Sinn’s black hard coating, used in conjunction with Tegiment technology, gives an aggressive look which should also be very scratch resistant, but it’s the choice of handset which sets the U1 DE apart. The bold and blocky red and white hands are a defining feature of the standard U1 and although there is no change to the distinctive shape here, the red is replaced by black on the hour and minute hands, and a flash of gold plating on the seconds hand.

 The result is a less playful, and perhaps more menacing looking diver – where the appearance fully matches the specs. In additional to the surface hardening technologies above, the U1 series also boasts high strength German submarine steel beneath and 1000m of water resistance. Inside is the Sellita SW200-1 automatic caliber. The U1 DE will be available on leather, silicone or steel bracelet featuring the same black hard coating and Tegiment technology as the case.

On the one hand I do like the subtle touches that symbolize the anniversary being remembered here (make no mistake – although the touches are subtle, the end result is anything but). The colours on show are undoubtedly those of the German flag, but not so blatant as to draw attention away from function or a coherent design. But on the flip side, I do find myself missing the fun that comes from those big lego-block splashes of red that the original U1 (and U50) are synonymous with.

The Sinn U1 DE is priced between €2,350 and €2,750 depending on strap option. More here from Sinn

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