Introducing the Triwa x Sea Shepherd Time for Action

Over the last few years, the Swedish brand Triwa has been carving out a niche for itself by releasing watches related to various causes that they support and want to draw their customer’s attention to. We’ve covered watches in their Time for Oceans series in the past (made from recycled plastics) and they’ve also released a series of watches under the “Time for Peace” banner made in part with material salvaged from illegal firearms that have been destroyed. Their latest effort returns to the ocean as a theme, and is a partnership with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. 


The new watch, officially dubbed the Triwa x Sea Shepherd Time for Action, puts a spotlight on a conservation group that has been active in marine wildlife conservation since the late 1970s. Sea Shepherd’s stated mission is to end the destruction of ocean habitats and to conserve and protect fragile marine ecosystems and the species that call them home. They do this through the sometimes controversial method of using “direct-action” tactics, confronting whaling ships on the ocean, documenting the experience, and thereby raising awareness. 

The watch that Triwa and Sea Shepherd have created will feel familiar to anyone who has experienced their Time for Oceans watches. The Sea Shepherd watch is also made from recycled ocean plastics, but trades in colorful case options for jet black, and loses the wave dial and replaces it with the menacing, pirate inspired Sea Shepherd logo. The watch has an Explorer-like vibe with large numerals at 3 and 9, which is perfectly appropriate given the real-life high seas adventure that members of the Sea Shepherd organization take on. This obviously isn’t high horology here – it’s a simple quartz watch with 100 meters of water resistance that exists simply to point the curious to toward a cause that the brand cares about.

The initial run of Triwa x Sea Shepherd Time for Action watch was priced at $159 and sold out quickly when it was released at the end of last month, but Triwa has plans to introduce a second limited edition collaboration in December. Head over to their site to sign up for notifications about its future availability.

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