Introducing the Unimatic x Hodinkee H Series Limited Edition Collection

Hodinkee is back with their latest limited edition collaboration, and this time around they’ve come up with not just a single watch, but a triptych of sorts, made in partnership with Unimatic. Unimatic is no stranger to limited editions; we’ve seen their minimalist tool watch layout serve as the canvas for special releases with Nigel Cabourn, NASA, and Spongebob Squarepants, to name only a few. For this collaboration with Hodinkee, two key Unimatic models have been given several subtle (and not so subtle tweaks) that make them genuinely different compared to what’s come before, and a third watch, with a new complication for the brand, is making a debut. All three watches possess what is becoming an unmistakable Hodinkee house aesthetic, dominated by the brand’s signature grey scale color palette. Let’s take a closer look at all three of these new limited edition watches. 


We’ll start with what is likely to be the headline grabber for most Unimatic fans, the Modello Uno U1-HGMT. This is the first GMT in Unimatic’s short history, and the first time the brand has employed a Swiss movement in any of their watches (it’s running on a Sellita SW330-2). Unimatic collectors will immediately recognize this watch as having plenty of core Unimatic DNA, as it’s based heavily on the design of the first Modello Uno diver, sharing case lines and a dial layout (with the addition of a GMT hand, naturally). The black dial and white markers/hands combination provides a ton of contrast for easy legibility, and we can see the Hodinkee grey executed in the 24 hour bezel, which rotates in both directions. The retail price on the U1-HGMT is $1,395. 

The engraved caseback of the new Unimatic x Hodinkee U1-HGMT

Next up is the Modello Uno U1-H. This is Unimatic’s signature dive watch, filtered through a Hodinkee lens. Here, the dial is in grey, surrounded by a black bezel. It’s also been updated with a Swiss movement (a Sellita SW200) and the case has been made a bit slimmer, now coming in at 11.8mm tall, and spanning 41.5mm in diameter (measurements that are identical to the GMT). The Modello Uno has always been a true tool watch, even when a great deal of contemporary style is inserted into the aesthetic, and the U1-H continues that tradition with a water resistance rating of 300 meters, plenty of lume, and a functional 120 click bezel that’s fully graduated to 60 minutes for precise measuring of elapsed time. The U1-H carries a retail price of $875. 

The third watch in the collection is the Modello Due U2-H. The U2 is Unimatic’s field watch platform, and has a very different feel to it than the divers thanks to a more angular case and a lack of crown guards. It’s smaller, too, with a diameter of 38.5mm, for a more discreet wearing experience that you’d expect from a field watch. Like the other watches in the collection, it uses a Sellita movement and has a thinner profile thanks to the slimmer caliber. The California dial has been rendered in a dark grey with the same bright white accents as the other watches in the collection. The retail price for the U2-H is set at $675. 

This collaboration feels very natural for Hodinkee, which speaks to both the versatility of Unimatic’s design language and Hodinkee’s preference for tool watches with a sharp, clean aesthetic. There’s a coherence here not just within the three watches in this small collection, but with Hodinkee’s other recent limited editions as well. This is not simply a cosmetic refresh of existing watches, however, as the Hodinkee LEs have meaningfully thinner cases, Swiss movements, and drilled through lugs, features that many will now begin speculating about the possibility of popping up in future Unimatic releases. 

Each watch in this collection is individually numbered on an engraved caseback, and comes with multiple straps. A total of 500 of each model will be produced, and they go on sale this morning at 11:00 AM in the Hodinkee Shop

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