Introducing the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver Mainline Watch

Out of the many affordable dive watches available on the market today, few stand out in terms of historical appeal and modern intrigue so much the Super Sea Wolf collection by Zodiac. Pairing robust wearability, interesting design, and a steady stream of novel colorways and updates, it’s an uncommon, value-oriented collection which speaks as much to the veteran watch enthusiast as it does the novice.

Last year, Zodiac placed a particular focus on the Super Sea Wolf, releasing notable collaborative pieces with Huckberry, Ariel Adams, and of course, our very own from Worn & Wound, each alongside eye-catching solo releases like a neon-accented pair of divers, historic World Timer, and most recently an elevated, limited edition launch of the design this past October. This week, Zodiac kicks off a new year for the collection with some color and professional-grade updates, unveiling the new Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver Mainline Watch.


The launch, which includes five colorways of the base design, follows in the legacy style of the landmark vintage recreational diver introduced by the brand almost seventy years ago in 1953’s original Sea Wolf skin diver. Taking foremost inspiration from “bright bioluminescent algae and sea life found in the depths of the ocean,” the bold timepieces each feature a bold pop of color, elevating the professional-grade design with some bright, creative appeal through green, orange, blue, and black options. 

While an initial glance might seem to indicate some simpler colorway variations to previous design work presented by Zodiac, a closer look reveals not only color changes, but some notable technological upgrades as result of their launch within the brand’s budding Pro-Diver Mainline Watch series. 

Importantly, the new watches are each ISO certified as dive watches, surpassing the basic certification in favor of a professional grade 300m water resistance. The resulting case measures 42mm in diameter and 14.3mm in thickness. This allows the watches a greater depth resistance and durability in wear as compared to most common dive watches which tend to opt towards 200m water resistance, including the flagship Super Sea Wolf 53 offered by Zodiac.

Additionally, each watch is outfitted with a hand-adjusted, Swiss-made Sellita automatic movement. Sellita calibers are increasingly known for their reliability and serviceability in recent years. The movements are additionally each tested for anti-magnetism, ensuring even more reliability in wear within their dive-ready case.

Speaking once more to their looks, each model in the launch is more than just good looks alone, their distinct, colorful aesthetics carrying a particular focus into their bright appeal. The highly legible look in this regard is thus not only a stylistic one, but further an effort at quickly showcasing the dial and bezel for quick reading of the time in even the murkiest of conditions. This sentiment is furthered by Zodiac’s use of Grade-A SuperLuminova on the hands, indexes and the bezel, the luminescent material known for its long-lasting glow in low-light conditions.

Zodiac’s latest update represents a serious launch of Pro-Diver Mainline Watch series, with each of the five novel Super Sea Wolf watches potentially foreshadowing the brand’s focus on elevated design and wear in their collections within the next year to come. Whether this will lead to an expansion of this focus on professional-grade attributes across the brand’s Super Sea Wolf like or within its larger catalogue will likely be determined by consumer interest, but for now each of the new watches represent an important new direction for the Zodiac, the brand once more being proving their nimble spirit in presenting their famed historical aesthetics to a modern market. 

Each of the new Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver Mainline Watch models will be available directly via the brand and authorized retailers, with pricing marked at $1,695. Zodiac.

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