Zodiac Teams Up With Ariel Adams for a Special Edition Super Sea Wolf

Zodiac has unveiled their latest special edition Super Sea Wolf, and it’s a collaboration with Ariel Adams, founder of aBlogtoWatch. aBlogtoWatch is likely a website that needs little introduction to anyone already reading Worn & Wound – they’re one of the original watch blogs, tracing their roots all the way back to 2007. The Super Sea Wolf has proven to be a versatile canvas for special edition watches over the last several years, and this latest variant feels both personal to Ariel, but also captures something universal about the experience of enjoying a dive watch in a particularly relaxing way.

The inspiration for the Super Sea Wolf Aquamarine Dream Special Edition came in 2019, when Ariel found himself on the Bahamian island of Nassau as part of a Zodiac sponsored trip. The brilliant aquamarine colors of the seafloor captured his imagination as he spent time in the water, and after taking some photographs (which have been reprinted for this edition and incorporated into the watch’s packaging) it was off to the races. The end result is a Super Sea Wolf variant that immediately conjures not just the ocean, but not necessarily in the adventure-sports way we typically associate sports watches and divers with. There’s something relaxing and soothing about the color palate of the Aquamarine Dream Special Edition. It’s more about daiquiris at a beachside bar than exploring shipwrecks and wrestling sharks, and that’s ok.

The bones of this special edition will be familiar to anyone who knows the Super Sea Wolf. The case is 40mm and has a design that’s inspired by dive watches from the heyday of recreational diving in the 1960s. What sets this edition apart immediately is the dramatic aquamarine colors that are used on the dial and bezel. Multiple greenish-blue shades are used on the main dial, minute track, and rotating dive bezel, creating a deeply saturated look that clearly evokes the tropics. Ariel has some several small details in this watch that are unique to this design and directly inspired by his time in Nassau. For example, the hands and hour markers are slightly rounded, and meant to mimic stones that have been shaped by water. And the caseback has an enamel filled etching in Ariel’s handwriting that reads “I’d rather be swimming,” which nicely sums up the mental space this timepiece is meant to bring you too. 

Like other modern versions of the Super Sea Wolf, this watch is powered by an STP 3-13 movement tuned to chronometer spec. The case is water resistant to 200 meters, and comes mounted to a five-link bracelet (a rubber strap is also included). As mentioned above, the packaging includes underwater photography shot by Ariel himself.

The new Super Sea Wolf Aquamarine Dream Special Edition is available now through Zodiac and their network of retailers. The retail price is $1,495. Zodiac

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